Give up YOUR bonus, Prescott

Class warrior John Prescott is big on equality. The sort of equality that the old left always like. The sort of equality achieved by dragging everyone down to the same fucking level, and keeping them there.

John's very upset about the fact that RBS wants to pay the bonuses it promised to its staff. He doesn't think 'failure should be rewarded'.

Clearly, Prezza's a spent force within the government, so he can't actually conjure up any knee-jerk legislation to prevent these bonuses being paid, which is the normal nuLab approach to anything that it doesn't like.

So instead, he's started yet another of 'his' (his son, really) ridiculous online campaigns : this time its the phrase 'Give Up The Bonus' that will be rammed down our fucking throats until we're sick of the sound of it.

He's also put a letter on the woeful and egregious Go Fourth site, a letter we're supposed to copy and send to RBS, urging them to renege on the bonus payments they've already promised.

But hang on a second. Aren't we talking about John Prescott, former Minister, former Deputy PM, here?

A man who failed at absolutely every-fucking-thing he did in government? A man who, as we all discovered earlier this year, spent taxpayers' money on huge amounts of food, which he then puked up into toilets also purchased by the taxpayer?

A man who has failed to deliver anything at all, other than a punch on the nose to a member of the public?

Surely a man we can expect to receive no bonus, no reward at the end of his career.

But no. We'd be wrong if we thought that, wouldn't we? As Guido told us back in may, he's been handsomely rewarded for his failure to deliver:

"When he was sacked as Deputy PM, for generally being an embarrassing incompetent, he kept hold of his pension perks – including additional pension contributions from taxpayers even though he wasn’t working for them. ... At the time opposition politicians railed at Prezza’s “rewards for failure”.

Even Labour MPs like Geraldine Smith were stunned; “I think it is outrageous that the Deputy Prime Minister loses his department but keeps his position, his salary and the perks of the job. It seems absolutely astonishing.”

Prezza’s pension pot makes him a multi-millionaire, courtesy of the taxpayers."

So come on, Prezza. You don't think failure should be rewarded, do you?

'Give up the pension' , eh?



Bristol Dave said...

John Prescott - the textbook definition (along with Polly Toynbee) of a champagne socialist.

Anonymous said...

I believe No 10 had to install a new big white china telephone because of something hard which broke the old one.

Couldn't have been his brain, too soft and small so

Must have been his false teeth, the gold ones paid by??

Anonymous said...

Prescott shagged one of his staff on the public purse. I will take no lessons from him thank you very much.


caesars wife said...

Bung A Banker , was so in 3 years ago now its so run of the mill they are everywhere .

banned said...

"A man who has failed to deliver anything at all"
Not quite right, while occupying the Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister Prescott delivered us a huge transfer of powers to the EU Regions of England without anyone really noticing.