The luck of the Irish

The Irish get all the luck. They get a Government, and a Finance Minister, who actually admit that they're in a deep recession, and that drastic action must be taken.

And what do we get? We get Alistair 'Eyebrows' Darling standing there pretending that nothing's wrong after all. "A position of strength". For fuck's sake.

The Irish get a budget, yesterday, openly described as "medicine" for the terrible state they're in.

We get a budget designed solely to make Labour look good, and the Tories look bad. To create political dividing lines, rather than balance the bloody books.

The Irish have cut back on welfare payments - less for 'jobseekers' and less on benefits overall. Share the pain.

We won't. We'll continue to pour vast amounts of cash all over "the welfare", Labour's core vote.We've even increased a couple of welfare payments, as a little pre-election bribe.

And to fund that, we get a second increase in National Insurance, and a sneaky fiddle with tax bands, so that those that do work pay yet more tax on their income. 52% and rising, folks.

The Irish get public sector paycuts across the board. Even the Taoiseach gets a 20% pay cut.

We get Gordon Brown and his fucking useless cronies still taking the same (totally undeserved) salaries and expenses, and the masses get cheaper bingo, so that we might not notice.

The Irish get an emergency budget that reflects the gravity of the situation, and makes deep, painful cuts to remedy it.

We get a Mickey Mouse, class envy, grandstanding, will-never-be-collected, "spank the banks" bonus tax.

Those lucky, lucky Irish.



Dippyness. said...

Well said!

subrosa said...

Hear hear CF. Someone was saying recently (I think it was Delphius blog) that Gordon Brown seems hell bent on a scorched earth policy. I think he's right.

Captain Ranty said...

Well, I think you are being grossly unfair CF.

Not a single mention of those old boiler owners who will get £4.50 knocked off the purchase of a new boiler. What a result!

Sadly, I am not one of the lucky bastards saving £4.50 but hey, it wasn't ALL bad news.

So come on, let's turn that frown around!


microdave said...

"Those lucky, lucky Irish."

And they got 2 chances to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. What a pity they couldn't get it "wrong" both times...

Anonymous said...

I think that's a little unfair. Don't forget our dear beloved chancellor did lower the rate on bingo so we can all distract outselves from our misery with a nice evening listening to pissed housewives. Credit where credit's due, its an inspired way to distract the electorate from Labour's almighty fiscal cock-up.

Rod said...

And the lucky Irish can just come here and claim our benefits when their benefits get cut.

Anonymous said...

You mean the "bonus" tax that isn't and won't ever be collected? As ever with Gordoom's budgets, you have to read the small print. The bonus tax only applies to "discretionary" bonuses not "contractual" bonuses.

But it has served to give the bankers a kicking in the headlines which is good enough for Gordoom and his public school educated chums.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's worse than you think.

There's officially to be a 1% pay rise limit for public sector workers (cf. the wealth-creating sector, where most have got no rise, many have a cut, and more than a few have no job at all any more), but this limit explicitly does not apply to MP's.

It's almost impossible to read (or type) that without gagging. They still don't get it.

To the Tower with every last one of them!

Anonymous said...

The Irish Prime Minister is not so deluded to think he can win an election............ But the best bit is that he reduced excise duty on alcohol by 20% so that at least we can all afford to get pissed and forget about it !


kwat said...

@ clueless Rod

The Irish wouldn't come near Britain for the dole.

Their dole is still far higher than the British.

In fact traffic is now the other way with the northern Irish heading south to claim the dole even when they live in the North.

Ireland has been jam packed full of English dolies since their boom.

Rod said...


Not so clueless, Irish welfare paid for one way travel to UK so we could keep the large 8 to 13 children families. They still got a good sum even when the Wage Stop was applied.