Another drink, baby?

Here we go again. Sir Liam Donaldson, a man whose job title should be Witchfinder General, but who actually calls himself the nations 'Chief Medical Officer', is giving us all the benefit of his opinions.

Apparently, we've all - yet again - been bringing our kids up all wrong. By letting them try alcohol before they're eighteen - even though it is completely legal to do so - we're launching them into a lifetime of alcoholism.

That little sip of Daddy's wine at Christmas lunch is just the gateway into a world of piss-stained trousers, missing teeth and cirrosis of the liver.

Oh yes. According to Doctor Nanny, letting children taste alcohol is "misguided", and that evidence shows that this could lead to binge drinking in later life. Nanny's mouthpiece, the BBC, has the whole story

The smell of bullshit heightens as Sir Liam trots out the traditional line: "The science is clear". Oh yeah? You mean some research - doubtless commissioned by you - has reported some finding that you are able to extrapolate to support your wildly fascist views?

Warming to his theme, Sir Liam described the idea of a glass of watered-down wine for a child as a "middle-class obsession".

No, you patronising twat, it's you that's obsessed. Obsessed with controlling our lives, with directing our every action, with restricting our behaviour.

But Liam is adamant. We're misguided. We don't know what we're doing. We need to be told. We need guidance.

So guidance there will be. New official guidance, that says under-15s should drink no alcohol, with under-17s drinking "only under supervision".

And with the guidance - as always - comes the brainwashing. There's to be a "major publicity campaign .. which will get under way in January 2010". Oh for fuck's sake.

So we can expect our fucking money to be squandered on a load more tedious, patronising 'adverts' to tell us how to behave, can we? Fucking great.

Jeremy Todd, chief executive of the parenting charity Parentline Plus - and what the flying fuck is a 'Parenting Charity', other than another sink for taxpayer's money to be pissed into? - joined the mindless chorus of approval.

"Parents can have a huge influence on their child's drinking choices .. Whilst parents have a greater influence on their children's drinking patterns early on, as they grow older their friends have a greater influence.

No shit, Sherlock? How many millions has it cost us for you to work that out?

You know what guys? We're not going to take the slightest notice of your latest fuckwittery. If we want to offer our kids a glass of wine, or a taste of whatever we're drinking then guess what? We fucking well will.

If you want to control us, to dictate how we behave, 'official guidance' and publicity campaigns won't do. You're going to have to pass legislation, make it illegal for us to do those things you dislike so much.

And wouldn't you just love that?



dazmando said...

Can't believe you used your baby for the picture. Where the hell do you get these pictures

fourmenterian said...

And it gets worse..."Santa promotes obesity and drink-driving, claims health expert" in today's Telegraph

Fish said...

"By letting them try alcohol before they're eighteen - even though it is completely legal to do so"

I'm pretty certain that is incorrect, I was lead to believe that anyone over the age of 5 can drink alcohol on private property, whilst under supervision of a adult. (That said I'm also lead to believe Social Services take a dim view of anyone allowing a under 14 to try alcohol... thats if social services can actually find some staff to do there job!)

banned said...

Why doesn't the tedious old twat Liam Donaldson just get on with his early retirement and fuck off since the only reason he stayed on was to " sort out " the Swine Flu Pandemic which he now admits was a hoax and a scam.
He could enjoy his generous pension hanging around the local Community Hall haranging pensioners for drinking gin and making sure the Scouts aren't making home brew.

Dippyness. said...

One word. BOLLOCKS!
'nuff said.

Dippyness. said...

Ohh & love the picture... :-)

JuliaM said...

We should treat him and his 'advice' with the contempt they both deserve...

Jill said...

There aren't the letters on this keyboard to tell you how much I hate this man. My kids have been having wine and water with dinner since they were toddlers and it was a teaspoon of wine in a tumbler of water. And I don't take kindly to that wanker telling me it's not my fucking decision to make.

Sir Liam Donaldson said...

It's all for your own good. It's The Right Thing To Do. (© 2009 The Labour Party). As the government we have a duty to stop binge-drinking, and it's clear to us that the place to start is where binge-drinking starts, in the home. The science is clear. It's The Right Thing To Do. (© 2009 The Labour Party).

Beancounter said...

I cannot agree more with the comments. When I heard this on Pravda this morning my thoughts immediately went to the drunken youth that our continental cousins bring up on a diet of “family” meals, togetherness, meshed with food containing oils and fats, and the ubiquitous alcohol. We have all seen these rowdy pre-teens on our family holidays in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy.
Then I slapped myself in the face and realised that I was in an outpost of the pre 1989 USSR.

This greedy self-serving fuckwit can go and have an early bath with OUR pension contributions as far as I am concerned if he will just stop telling me how to run my family. Maybe he will drink too much, get Swine Flu, and just die on a far off uninhabited island.

Like many more who went to university in the late 60s he must have been on some wacky stuff to come up with these ideas. Why is he obsessed with the “middle classes”? Is he jealous, or does he now realise that as a civil servant retiring at 60 on an index-linked pension he can just rub our noses in it as he is now “upper class” and a “toff” as the Liebour party like to call anyone who can speak the Queen’s English and be polite in society at large?

How I wish I was 30 years younger and could emigrate to work in another country where civilisation has not gone backwards as much as this one has.

When you get the correct sized keyboard Jill, let me know as I need one as well to ram up his arse.

Giles Bradshaw said...

I passed my son a spliff the other day but then again he is 20.

Dr Evil said...

Interestingly, the Spanish, Frencg and Italians to name but three introduce their children to wine at a relatively early age. Yet they are held up as paragons of nations on non-binge drinking.

A unit in the UK is 8 grammes of alcohol. Quite arbitrary. In the US a unit is 15 grammes of alcohol. Interesting disparity. Now the units per glass size have been increased over in the UK, but the old unit is still 8 grammes, so this is misleading.

More than 3 pints is binge drinking if consumed in a single session. For fuck's sake!!!! These control freak bastards just annoy pretty much everyone bar the government.

Captain Haddock said...

Donaldson must live in a world of total confusion .. never knowing quite whether to wipe his arse or his mouth .. as shit pours equally freely from both ..

Anonymous said...

The problems lie with the feral cunts who hang about town centres pissed and drugged out their tits whilst their pisspoor wanker excuse for a parent/s are in heroin stupors in their poxy stinking excuses for homes. Oh but fuck that lets blame the bastarding middle classes, why not its what this shower of shit do best.

Anonymous said...

And the next announcement is that eating food leads to obesity.

Captain Haddock said...

"And the next announcement is that eating food leads to obesity".

Or that drinking Battery acid can lead to chronic indigestion ..

The real fault of course lies deep within our joke of a political system .. where drunken/drugged feral scumbags "must" be perceived as "victims" in need of "help" .. thus supporting an army of bleeding-heart do-gooders ..

Dealing with them as the dross & parasites they really are has gone into the "Too difficult" tray & will, in all likelihood remain there ..

Tastes like chicken said...

"The <strike>parenting charity</strike> Parenting Plus"

"The fake charity Parenting Plus"

There, fixed that for you.

They are just another arms-length, deniable, branch of government. The last page of their Annual Review reveals that real donations received are so small they do not justify their own slice of the income pie chart

It's not charity if the beggar robs you of your own money (on pain of state violence), is it?

I'm feeling nauseous while reading this charity's report, but not from drinking too much alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a late entry for fascist of the year 2009 but we'll accept it. It's a cracker.

Fuck off Donaldson.

Jill said...

About six months ago, this guy was interviewed on BBC News and said - with a straight face - that giving your child just ONE FREAKIN' drink of alcohol could give it brain damage. I wept tears of fury then, and I'm still weeping them now.

The eating food leading to obesity comment above is exactly right and shows how ludicrous this debate has become. Banner headline: LIVING LEADS TO DEATH. No shit, Sherlock, does it?

I KNOW what I am doing as a parent. I'm AWARE it's my biggest job. I THINK about it. I WEIGH the choices. I MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS. Thankyouveryfuckingmuch.