The Great Escape

Faced with the continuing repercussions from the worst PBR yet, the latest set of fatuous MP's expenses claims, the endless freezing fog and the horrendous spectre of the X-Factor (whatever that is) final, CF has done the only sensible thing possible and fled the country.

Here in Vienna, the air is crisp and still, patches in the sky are deep blue and there's a rumour of snow.

And the Austrians seem to labouring under some kind of massive misapprehension regarding Christmas. Or at least, "Xmas" the Brit' way.

There are no vivid electric blue flashing lights, just softly twinkling white ones.

Ther are no shiny inflatable cartoon reindeer, no hilarious Santas abseiling from rooves, and no gigantic trains made of light bulbs.

People are wrapped up well, strolling through the Christmas Market, buying small handmade gifts. Not brawling in their shellsuits outside Toys 'r' Us over the last 'Tickle me Elmo'.

There's a smell of coffee, but it's real coffee, not some global chain's Caramel 'n' Cranberry 'Xmaschino'.

CF's rage is beginning to subside, aided by the enormous mug of local beer that sits before him. Yes, it is early for drinking beer, but everyone else is.

There might even be a bit of 'goodwill to all men' creeping in.

Well, until tomorrow morning's flight home.



Bobski said...

That sounds like it would almost make me like Christmas for once.

sickofit said...

Stay where you are!
You're coming back?
Are you MAD?

subrosa said...

Ah you lucky man. Take in a couple of musical events too. The Vienneese put on great shows.

Jill said...

We honestly do suck, don't we?

occasionally incandescent said...

I hope there are no small children with you. These are the Viennese you know. They will send out the child catcher!

doctor baloney said...

But do keep an eye out for any missing US POWs won't you?

frank said...

Damn, I'm going to be playing in Vienna tomorrow night. Shame. If you end up in town anyways, mail me / DM me on Twitter.
Frank (Turner)

caesars wife said...

HA "brown calls for snapp election"

CW hopes for noose and fith vertebre .

how about this for a theory : the ruin has been told that he is busted flush by the NWO and doing damage to greater marxist cause, so they hope Dave will buy into euro marxism lite , where as if ruin stays whole thing could get blown .

I like it , just about got these crooks on the run now

von Spreuth said...

I have been researching this for a long time.

C.F, did you know, that due to the Austrian, and German constitution, that it IS theoretically possible to claim political asylum there from Britain?

Anything done in the U.K, that in Germany/Austria, would be unconstitutional here, can be quoted as reason for claiming assylum.

Illegal collection of D.N.A, Illegal use of CCTVs (This has within the last two weeks, been declared illegal by one of the German constitutional courts), lack of freedom of expresion (see things like the Nightjack case), data protection weaknesses, criticism of the "Government" illegal (The old giy arrseted for orotesting at the labour confrence, woman arreseted reading out names of thje dead soldiers, etxc.), removal of Haebeus Corpus and "double jepordy", the list goes on.

Now this would make case law. BUT, as I said THEORETICALLY, it IS possible.