Another blogger silenced

Dark times. Another blogger has been forced to shut up shop.

Subrosa, self-declared "Dundee Wifey" has run an excellent blog for many months. In her own words, she blogged..

" help promote interest in independence for Scotland and to keep the Westminster government's misuse of our armed forces in the public domain."

But she must have offended someone. Today, she's posted her final post, and announced (update - the site's already gone) that she's giving up. Not through ill-health, or sudden ennui, but because:

"My identity has been exposed. Not only do the person(s) know my name they also know my full address .. why would any person .. go to the trouble of finding out my name and address for any other reason than malicious intent?

"[the person] is well known to be a great supporter of certain Scottish unionist bloggers or ex-bloggers"

What the fucking, fuckety fuck? Its very far from paranoid of Subrosa to assume that this shitbag wasn't after her address just to send her fucking Christmas card.

It's a safe bet that this information was sought as it's pretty much the only way to attack an anonymous blogger.

Bloggers can delete comments, ignore emails and carry on regardless, but to anyone who values their privacy - and security, if they've been outspoken - the threat of 'outing' is the ultimate deterrent.

And a highly effective silencer.

So now a good blogger, and a popular one - number 40 in Wikio - has to give up, is silenced, just becauses some twat doesn't agree with what she said.

Subrosa concludes her post:

"What has happened to me can .. happen to anyone. That's the risk we take as bloggers and especially one who has strong political views. It's a dirty, dirty world the world of politics right enough"

Mildly put; Subrosa never did use the swear words. Leave that to CF:

It's a fucking sordid shitheap, and some of the bastard cockroaches that live on it are beneath fucking contempt.



The Last Of The Few said...


The person who goes by the Surname Winton.........and runs a blog called Palnet Politics has a finger in this.

Sadly to be threatened that they will get a knock at the door by a person wanting to out the blogger is beyond all that is reasonable.

Subrosa has invloved the police and a lawyer.

Indeed she must protect herself and family etc first. Her blog comes second.
I for 1 hope she gets it cleared up and returns to the blogosphere soon.

The Last Of The Few said...

Sorry I mean Planet Politics

Dick Puddlecote said...

Subrosa's blog gone already. Locked down and saying invited viewers only.

Very sudden.

JuliaM said...

First Anna Raccoon now this... :(

Hopefully, the speed of closure means she's getting somewhere legally, and can take this cowardly little swine to court.

Quiet_Man said...

Just blogged on this myself, truly a shame and I hope the person who did this to her gets his just desserts over it.

Barking Spider said...

Outrageous - what a nasty, brainless little twat!

Fidothedog said...

A shame she has gone, trolls are one thing but the crap she has received is way beyond that.

I hope she comes back as I enjoyed reading her stuff.

Rob Farrington said...

I read her farewell post just before leaving for work. I wish I'd had time to leave a comment on her site.

I did a bit of googling out of curiosity, and wondered myself if it had anything to do with Planet Politics (never been there before, but a certain phrase that Subrosa used seemed to fit).

Whoever's responsible really is a despicable little shit. There are plenty of people I might disagree with, but I would never dream of trying to out them. But then like most of us, I have morals.

Anonymous said...

Watch yourselves but don't let the cunts get away with it. Get the swines back in whatever way you do it best. It is in sheer self defence now, after all.

They want a war, so shall they not have one?

Anonymous said...

SW of PP is the hand behind Subrosa's problems right enough Last of The Few. He specialises in green ink letters to the press, and stood in a council election in 2007 in Dundee. Bloody independent, he only got 80 votes - he says "Planet Politics has absolutely no links to any political party" - yeah but doesn't stop him being a wannabe Journalist, Politician and self appointed enforcer of his own moral standards.

And a taxi driver to boot!

Grassed her off to that excuse for bog paper the NoTW.

He should be strung up I say...

Jess The Dog said...

What is this lunacy?

Who is this idiot who has put turned cyber-debate into intimidation?

Oleuanna said...

Exposing her identity is disgusting enough....but threats of 'I know where you live' is cowardly, underhanded and slime ridden.

If he is who you suggest....may we all at some point take great pleasure in ripping his status (futile as it is) to shreds...I'll give him my fucking address……and a map.

She is a great blogger and I'm gutted.

banned said...

"Subrosa has invloved the police and a lawyer" Good, I hope she nails the bastard. SR, if you are reading this, your reasons for pulling your blog are your own but please note that you will be be missed until such time that you feel able to return.

aspicasp said...

I was thinking after reading this, this Subrosa is Scottish isn't she? Maybe the English blogosphere should be made aware of what's going on. If that is happening in Scotland and they get away with it it's sure to filter down.

Just a thought. Would Guido or Dale be interested I wonder.

aspicasp said...

CF I didn't mean any offence there saying Guido and Dale. After all you're up there with the best of them.;) What I meant is the intimidation has to be stopped and the more it's publicised the safer it is for bloggers everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Subrosa a pensioner? So doesn't that just about sum up New Labour scum. Is there any depths to which they and their vile minions wont plummet. My names already on my blog, because one of these fuckwits threatened me a little time back and quite frankly I don't give a monkeys toss what they "Expose", as I've got nothing to hide, and as I work for a private company they can rest assured that my boss detests the fuckers too.

Jockdownsouth said...

Really sorry to learn about this. I've only contributed to Subrosa's comments section a couple of times but her blog has been required daily reading for me (as well as CF of course!). Let's hope she gets it sorted out quickly and isn't suffering too much stress in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

I have gone onto the Planet Politics blog and asked Mr Winton to respond as to whether he had any input to Subrosa's decision to cease blogging.

Why don't you all go on there and follow up, all in the name of the public record of course?

Hythlodaeus said...


I'm not sure many of the English blogosphere want to know of the events up here. After all, the linking factor between all of the blogs which have closed down is that they are either explicitly Scottish Nationalist or sympathetic to SNP.

At the same time, the SNP and Labour are roundly thrashing all opposition here.

It is rather ironic, however, that the Labour twitterati have been tweeting about Sarah Brown holding a party for Labour bloggers. If Alex Salmond invited Subrosa, AMW and Wardog round for a cup of tea, NOTW and the Scotsman would be up in arms.

It's going to be a very dirty election indeed in Scotland.

RantinRab said...

It's gutter journalists doing the work of their political masters.

Funny how Murdoch's rags down south proclaim support for the Tories, but not a peep from the Scottish versions, eh?

I don't think it's Labour that's pulling the strings here.

Anonymous said...

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