Guido Fawkes, Tory spin doctor

Guido Fawke's latest 'breaking', it-must-be-exciting-its-got-plus-signs-around-it news is that ++ Ed Balls Went to Eton for a Term +++

Fucking hellski, as certain party leaders might say. Did he really? That pretty much fucks the Labour 'toffs' attack line, doesn't it?

Well, hmmm, hang on a second. Has the news just broken that Ed Balls 'went to' Eton? No and no.

It hasn't just broken - this story was in The Times eighteen months ago, in June 2008. Not exactly 'breaking', eh?

And did he? Did he? Ooohh say he did. Did he? Did Ed Balls go to Eton?

Well, not really. What did Ed admit, mid-last fucking year?

"While my father was at the University of East Anglia he did a swap with a teacher at Eton ..For one term a master went to Norwich and we went to Eton

"I didn’t go to the school itself but another local [primary] one just for that term"

Now, Ed Balls is a loathsome git, and the Labour 'toff' policy is fucking pathetic and risible. But you know what? Guido's attempt is even worse.

Guido claims his blog is 'Libertarian' and that it will be just as critical of the Tories when they're in power.

A blog which is running this feeble, past-its-sell-by-date, distorted piece of Tory spin is not a Tory supporting blog?  A blog which features podcast made by a man who's moniker is .. errr ... 'Tory Bear'?

A Libertarian?

A fucking hatful of crap.



Anonymous said...

Come now, CF. You don't need to be pro-Tory to be anti-Labour.

The only shame is that Guido's assertion isn't true.

Plenty of privately educated Labour MPs here though:

Jill said...

Gosh, you are tetchy today.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hellski,and a fuckedy-fuck (or however it goes).

This would be just like the Devil's Kitchen - if only it was written by someone who has intelligence, style, and a firm grasp of the English language...

What is the point of this blog again?

Constantly Furious said...

"What is the point of this blog again?"

So you do follow your backlinks then?

Stu said...

Considering that Mr Fawkes' reputation depends on being critical of the current Government, and his income from blogging depends on his reputation, I'd say it's a fair bet he's not going to give the Tories an easy ride.

And remember, Paul Staines used to work for the Tories. He knows where the bodies are buried.

Wait... did I do that right?

Guido Fawkes said...

Yeah, it was only breaking news to Guido because I missed the story.

When exactly did I work for the Tories? Seems to have been erased from my memory that period.

Old Holborn said...

Grabs popcorn

Brew Wales said...

Grabs another beer.

Costello said...

Grabs cock.

Old Holborn said...

Fucking hell CF, is the VIP tent tonight?

I've invited Dale over but he's rimming, the boys at Liberal Conspiracy are busy hugging polar bears and Tom Harris is beating his wife.

Constantly Furious said...

OH: an .. err ...'interesting' summary of the current state of play.

But no statement from El Fawkes as to his true affiliation. @devilskitchen or @nadinedorries?

Choose. Choose wisely.

Never mind all that. Who the fuck is @timwhale, and what the fuck has he been smoking? He seems to have a firm grasp on the wrong end of numerous sticks.

Old Holborn said...

Join us for live abuse

caesars wife said...

Grabs small staue of Vulcan

Rob Farrington said...

Now, how hard would it be to post an update along the lines of:

"Oops, it's been pointed out that this is old news and possibly inaccurate, too! Sorry!"?

Hmmm...wonder if he will?

doctor baloney said...

Not sure you've seen this youtube clip, but it's interesting re: EU powers:

Anonymous said...

Normally a good read CF but do fuck off with this one.

These blogs are the only antidote to the malignant labour loving MSM.

Before going to Guido's I didn't know Ed was ANOTHER privately educated Labour Janus and neither did I know he was in nazi uniform and in a Bullingdon-esque drinking club.

Guido - just like your goodself, old holborn, tory bear and the rest - are far from perfect or whiter than white, but you're all by far the best antidote to the propaganda shit we have to eat in the MSM.

Don't start some bloggers in-fighting bull shit to fuck it all up now.

Thank you. Rant over.