Mac-Climatey Brown

So, the Copenhagen COP15 climate summit has ended in confusion, disarray and total lack of agreement. What a surprise.

And what of our beloved non-elected leader? The man who announced that he had "50 days to save the world"?

He appeared, threw billions of our money about, boasted that he'd beat everyone else's cuts, and desperately searched the corridors and cupboards for the man he loves, Obama Beach.

But then, when everything began to unravel, what did he do? When five of the major nations got together to fling together a compromise, who represented us?

Nothing and no-one.

As ever, when Brown realised there was going to be no glory in this for him, he lost interest. When he became aware that there was no chance to make the Tories look bad, he couldn't see the point any more.

When it looked this conference was going to fail, what did Gordon "courage" Brown do?

Why, Mac-Climatey Brown upped and vanished.




microdave said...

I just wish the twat would up and vanish from our lives....

mungle said...

Does he think he impresses us by offering to throw our money about like a drunken sailor. The money of people who have had to defer reirement for example? Is he aware that he has incurred more debt than this country has ever had to shoulder in peace time, ever?

microdave said...

I would really look forward to a Labour canvasser knocking on our door next year. THEY wouldn't, mind you!

Sadly a very rare occasion in our neighbourhood.

Totally brain dead, the lot of them...

Captain Haddock said...

Given the nature of the Copenhagen conference .. why couldn't these hypocrites & assorted toss-pots have had their precious meeting(s)via Internet networking ?

Surely its not beyond the means of nations to set up such a network ?

Why, with all their sanctimonious blathering about Carbon footprints do they (plus entourages) need to travel by Jet ?

Bunch of liars, thieves & wankers .. the lot of 'em .. When they start to take serious, meaningful action to limit what they're doing .. maybe, just maybe I'll do the same ..

Until then ...

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Indeed Cap'n, but how would they gorge on all that lovely food flown in from far away lands and slurped the finest vintage champagnes?

No, we should infiltrate the devious Copenhagan cabal with a bunch of taekwondo wielding monkeys to take them all out. Except for these fellas.

Captain Haddock said...

Someone should have slipped 'em all a powerful, fast acting Laxative ..

That would have concentrated their collective minds & given them summat else to get all worked up about, well beyond Carbon Footprints ..

Anonymous said...

Greens, Global Warmenistas and assorted ecoloons are henceforth known as Climate Scientologists.