Statporn VII : it'll never be better

Month 7 for the Constantly Furious blog will go down in history as a vintage month, at least in terms of sheer volume of eyeballs. 

The Paul Clarke story mid-month saw CF standing - somewhat bewildered - in the middle of a Twitterstorm. THe URL for that unbelievable story was tagged #paulclarke, and tweeted by all and sundry. Along with hundreds of good ol' ciivilian tweeters, well-followed notables such as David Mitchell, Simon Pegg and Graham 'Father Ted' Linehan retweeted the URL, and thousands of damn' Yankees - who always love a story with a gun in it - flocked in via

The effect was dramatic, skewing the figures for November wildly:

100,531 Page Loads
79,384 Unique Visitors
65,071 First Time Visitors
14,313 Returning Visitors

Yup. More than 100 thousand views.

Not quite Premier League figures, but certainly hovering mid-table in the Blue Circle, albeit with a tricky away game at Stevenage next week.

Obviously, the most visited page was the original Paul Clarke story, which was viewed over 47,000 times. If only CF hadn't switched off adverts in August.

But enough with the boasting.

Many thanks to all who visited, commented, linked, tweeted and otherwised interacted with this 'umble blog.

The good news for the reader is that this performance will never, ever, be equalled, and therefore it's unlikely that there will be a Statp0rn VIII, IX or X to bore and irritate.

Rejoice. Just rejoice.



Obnoxio The Clown said...

Congratulations! :o)

Mark Thompson said...

Well done CF! Very well deserved and good to see so many people were interested in the disgraceful #PaulClarke case.

JuliaM said...


"The good news for the reader is that this performance will never, ever, be equalled..."

Case isn't over yet, though, is it? ;)

JD said...

Well done. This is good news, JD.

RantinRab said...

Fuck me, that was a month and a half!

I've gave up on statporn...

nbc said...


As Julia says, the story isn't over.

Anyway, there'll be another horror story coming shortly. There always is.

Keep doing what you're doing it's excellent stuff.

Working Class Tory said...

Glad you got so many hits. I was the original tweeter, and my figures were phenomenal.