13,000 more seats on the Gravy Train

Labour spinners gleefully leapt on the latest unemployment figures - yet another triumph! Jim Knight proudly announced that

"These figures show a significant slowing in the rate of increase of unemployment"

A fucking what in the what of what? What's that supposed to mean, Jim?

Unemployment went up by 88,000 during the three months to August to 2.47 million. And, yes, that's not as much as it went up by in the three months before that, but it's not exactly fucking boast-worthy is it? its still going to top 3 million according to, well, everybody except Jimmy.

However, some other data released at the same time seems to have been missed.  Lost amidst the fog of Trafigura and Jacqui fucking Smith's troughing, no doubt.

Luckily, CF's eagle eyes spotted the other, shall we say, interesting figures.

Where, pray, have the job losses been? Well, the private sector shed 230,000 jobs between March and June. And how many jobs were lost in the public sector during that period, would you think? Nearly a quarter of a million 'normal' jobs lost, how many from the taxpayers' payroll? How many?

The answer isn't 'None'. Oh no. That would be ridiculous.

In fact, it's worse, far worse than none. In that same period, the number of public sector workers rose by 13,000.

Dear God. Unbe-fucking-lievable. And, and , it doesn't stop there. From the same set of figures:

"public sector workers received a pay rise of 3.4 per cent in the three months to August compared a pay rise of just 1.5 per cent for employees in the private sector"

For fucks sake. If this was a satire, it would be derided as excessive. But no, tragically, this is fucking real.

This bastard, fuckwitted government is still, in the face of huge recession, and a mounting debt that our great-great-grandchildren will struggle with, creating more jobs in the public sector. More seats on the gravy train.

And, not only that, they're giving those in that sector, with their jobs-for-life and their gold-plated fucking pensions, above-inflation pay rises too.

Gordon 'desperate' Brown would doubtless have us all believe that the 3.4% increases went to "nurses 'n' teachers","teachers 'n' nurses",  but you know what? They fucking didn't.

No, they went to the endless pen-pushers and prod-noses who sit on the hundreds of fucking Quango's that blight this country, sucking the liberty and the cash from us all.

They went to all the Outreach Co-ordinators, Diversity Managers, Community Space Challenger Co-ordinators and Enviro-Crime Enforcement Officers that sit around all day thinking of more ways to ruin our day.

Gordon Brown incessantly accuses the Tories of being the party that would make "slashing" cuts. If and when CallMeDave takes the reins, Gordon warns us he'll make "deep, savage" cuts in the public sector.

You know what? The sooner the fucking better.

Bring it on.

++UPDATE++ : Anonymous, in the comments, below, asks:

"CF, Can you please supply the link(s). I don't doubt you but I would like to spray the links over every fucking blog I can find."

Why, it would be a pleasure: have a look at City AM or the Telegraph.  or any of the 389 other stories on Google news. Or, better, just link here, to this post, on this blog. Why wouldn't you?



Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

My dream is to become PM for a day and announce 5 million job cuts in the public sector and dissolve all quangos.

I would then remove all taxes and replace with a flat tax with a high entry level to remove millions from the tax system.

I would replace welfare with a "widow's" relief.

Rip any law that panders to large state, nannyism and not to personal responsibility and freedoms.

Remove the UK from EU and have our own constitution.

Stop all economic migrants/asylum seekers until we have zero unemployment.

I would remove government and all MPs/HoL, revoke all titles and priviledges and replace it with a roomful of admin bods to maintain the runnings costs, constitutional laws and remaining essential services of the country

Then let no fuckers fucking interfere with my life, my family and my fucking business.

Steve L said...

This is absolutely outrageous - why aren't facts like this in the press - and why aren't the opposition parties making the public aware?

I'm getting angry, too.....

Anonymous said...


Can you please supply the link(s).

I don't doubt you but I would like to spray the links over every fucking blog I can find.

Rob said...

It really does take the piss.

manwiddicombe said...

I hate to be the one but .. .. .. How much of that inflation busting payrise was agreed over 12 or 18 months ago?

patently said...

Constantly Furious is, err, quite annoyed. With good reason.

Dave - bring it on. Do it. Slash it. Then, we might have a real recovery. You'll also relieve the NHS budget of the cost of blood-pressure pills for me and CF.

Anonymous said...

I am prepared to bet my entire pension fund that public spending will increase under Dave.

What is needed is a tax strike. Nothing else will destroy the bloated public sector.

Anonymous said...

I love it (really it makes my blood boil) when some socialist / trade unionst on the news bleats on about how it will make the recession worse by paying off public sector workers as it will put them on the dole.

Are the population of UK so dim witted that, on the whole, we believe this? Or are we just held in such contempt that politicos think people accept this as a rational argument and not the ravings of a lunatic?

Anonymous said...

You seem to have missed the BBC report when the 88,000 jobless increase was announced.

They reorted that the jobless total had "plateaued".

Maybe not very grammatical, but a classic nonetheless.

Anonymous said...