Nurse: smokers "just have to die"

CF is not a smoker himself - couldn't quite get the hang of it at age 14 - but is quite happy for others to kipper their lungs to their hearts contents. You want to set fire to some leaves and breathe in the smoke? That's up to you.

The only 'anti-social' part of smoking is the fact that the new laws force the poor sods to go outside and stand in the rain, just when you were talking to them.

Let smokers smoke? Not so, according to the 'lady' here, Ms. Jane DeVille-Almond. She is apparently a Senior Nurse.

Nursing: that's a vocation dedicated to caring for and healing everybody, regardless of their circumstances, isn't it? Er.. no.

The recording below is of this Angel of Healthcare, outlining her views on smokers, on a radio phone-in.

Just in case you can't play it back, the transcript goes:

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel: "I mean, I'll just tell you a very short story. Recently, I had one guy who'd had one heart operation and he continued to smoke and he went in and had a second operation which I actually think should not have been allowed. Because he hadn't made a commitment to his own health, and was just relying on surgeons and people .."

Nicey The DJ: "Should he have paid for it?"

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel: "He should've paid for it and ..."

Nicey The DJ: "But that would have cost thousands and thousands of pounds. How can you expect an ordinary person to pay that sort of money?"

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel: "Well then you ... then I'm afraid .. if he can't commit .. if you're gonna have an operation .. you know .. it's a bit like if people ... you know ..."

Nicey The DJ: "Then what? If he can't afford it, what?"

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel: "Well then, they just have to die."


Well, well. Isn't amazing how the Interwebs lets us unearth these evil bitches? Jan Moir yesterday, Nurse Gladys Emmanuel - sorry, Jane DeVille-Almond - today.

What the flying fuck has it got to so with you, Nursey? Who promoted you from bedpans to moral arbiter? Are you minding the shop for God, or something?

For fucks' sake: how the hell did you get to be a fucking nurse? Are you actually making decisions like this on the ward? If CF fell down the stairs pissed, would you leave his arm broken as a valuable lesson? You probably fucking would.

Smokers, if you find yourself in hospital, and you wake up to find that face leering over you, be afraid. Be very afraid.

With 'carers' like this witch, who needs euthenasia?

Hat-tip Captain Ranty-Freeman On The Land, who's just as furious.


Anonymous said...

But if someone kept pouring acid over their own skin, would you, as a taxpayer, be willing to keep spending thousands of pounds on skin-grafts, only to have more acid poured over it?

I guess nurses feel this even more strongly when they have to watch people who don't exacerbate their illnes die from cancer, for instance, because the local health authority won't pay up for life-saving drugs.

Anonymous said...

That is pretty shocking. Her surname clearly has an 'e' and an 'l' too many. Or is it only Doctors who have to sustain the hippocratic oath?

Anonymous said...

Dont be surprised, the caringness of many in caring professions is something of a myth. It's just a job. Being viewed as being "caring" is one of the perks of the job.

doctor baloney said...

Hmmm.... I'm normally with you CF, but I'm not sure how your view on this fits with your Libertarian / Right Wingedness?

In other words, I guess you're all for people people able to do whatever the hell they want as long as they live with the consequences?

Right = to harm yourself

Responsibility = to pick up your own pieces

Personally, I disagree with her, but I'm a left-wing libertarian, so at least my position is consistent!

JuliaM said...

Actually, this woman's far worse than Jan Moir!

Shre 'tut's at someone's lifestyle and resultant death. This cow gleefully anticipates someone's death!

"But if someone kept pouring acid over their own skin, would you, as a taxpayer, be willing to keep spending thousands of pounds on skin-grafts, only to have more acid poured over it?"

He's paying well over the odds on his skin grafts though, in NI and tax. Isn't he?

"In other words, I guess you're all for people people able to do whatever the hell they want as long as they live with the consequences?"

He's paying for it. Want to stop his NI and tax share, and let him go private? Feel free.

But you don't get to take his money on pain of imprisonment and then sniffily declare that he shouldn't be treated when he has a problem...

JuliaM said...

"I guess nurses feel this even more strongly when they have to watch people who don't exacerbate their illnes die from cancer, for instance, because the local health authority won't pay up for life-saving drugs."

Pehaps nurses in that situation should take a good look around them at the waste and incompetence of the NHS (such as staff shortages in a local hospital while a guy on a grand sodding piano is employed to entertain the 'customers' in the lobby!) rather than people who have paid for their treatment five times over in cigarette/alcohol tax and

bungee jumper said...

Doesn't surprise me in the least. I spent several months in hospital in 2000. I thnk I came across, 2 caring nurses, 1 complete bitch, and the rest an uncaring bunch of skivers. I can only assume things have got worse. If you don't like people, don't become a nurse, they're a pretty important part of your job.

Constantly Furious said...

Ah, good old Julia; as so often, she beats me to it.

Only the most terminlly deluded Lefty would actually suggesy that someone should be allowed to die because if they weren't, it might not be "fair".

And that's what this comes down to, isn't it? It's not "fair" to give someone two heart-ops, because someone else gave up smoking and only needed one?

Give me fucking strength..


Anonymous said...

First Anonymous. The point is not what the guy is doing to himself, it is the nurse's reaction to it. She is expressing the opinion that he should be allowed to die, even if there is a means to prolong his life. It is not her place to make judgments on who lives and who dies. That is the point, my friend.

Gendeau said...

As you say JuliaM, either deliver what he's paid for, or don't take the money.

Oh, and she's a bitch.

p.s. If my memory serves me correctly, I thought smoking was pretty common in nurses?

Barrowman said...

Really this is the second post in two days that has just seem "off", has someone stolen CF's login, has he been bashed over the head with a blunt item?

As Dr Baloney said, it just doesn't fit.

I bet this gentleman may actually "invest" a little more in his health if he had to pay for it, or if he knew he would be left to die otherwise.

Yet more reason to get rid of the NHS the original nanny and absolver of all responsibility.

banned said...

My old Mum visited my Dad when he was in hospital, being a former nurse herself ( WW2 vintage ) she noticed that his drip had fallen out. She pointed this out to the nurse who promptly picked it up off the floor and was about to reinsert it before Mum said
" don't do that, he'll get infected ".
Caring sharing Nursey responded "Don't worry, they all get infected, dear ".

She got told what for.

Anonymous said...

Barrowman. The guy has paid for his fucking treatment several times over in taxes, you ignorant fucking cunt. Part of the 'rationale' given by Governments past for excruciating taxes on tobacco is to pay for the care of people who are hurt by it.

I am a non-smoker, If I advocated letting people die because they were smokers, I would feel like I was stealing their money. Don't you, you twat?

Constantly Furious said...

Come on, come on. Some of you just aren't following this.

What - what? - is Libertarian about letting medical staff choose, or even recommend, who gets treated and who doesn't, based upon their personal views on the victims' habits? Even if their views coincide with yours?

Nurses and Doctors are there to make people well, not to pass judgment on what they did previously.

Where do you Lefties draw the line? Should drunks not be treated for injuries because its 'not fair' on sober people? Fast drivers vs. Slow drivers? Overeaters vs. Normal eaters?

If my shoes give me blisters, is that "all my fault" and should I be denied treatment because I chose the wrong shoes, for fucks' sake?


bnzss said...

Yeah... the point of universal healthcare is it's universal, in addition to being rubbish.

Jill said...

Left libertarian agrees with CF and Julia M.

Right = to smoke

Responsibility = to pay for any consequences (via an insurance policy aka the tax system although it is a bit of an um... socialised way of doing it! Ha).

Actually, how much more black would the black hole of our finances be if everyone gave up smoking tomorrow? There'd be an immediate hit in income together with a time bomb (20 years? 30? 40?) of delayed payments.

Anonymous said...

The irony of all this is that these self same nurses and doctors, who would deprive a smoker an operation thus expediting the smoker's demise, would fight tooth and nail against a terminally ill patient's right to take their own life when the suffering becomes unbearable.

Northampton Saint said...

I suppose she's also against the death penalty for murdering bastards.

Her views were widely shared by people in power in 1930's Germany. They're known as Nazis

Anonymous said...

What about organ transplants CF, Should someone who insists on drinking after say a Liver transplant have beeen given one in the first place ?

JuliaM said...

Enough of the frippery of rights and laws. What about the question on all your readers lips?



The puppy! Name?

Rob said...

At the end of the day, his taxes pay for her job so she should just shut up and get on with it.

I'm sure if the whole country gave up smoking, drinking, shagging promiscuously and started eating tofu and cycling everywhere we'd all live to 150. But you have to question who on earth would want to?

Constantly Furious said...


He goes by two names: Pippin and That Little Bastard.

The first is used to call him, and the second to describe him, as in "Dear God, have you seen what That Little Bastard has done now.."

SteveShark said...

Yup - as long as I'm paying her fucking wages through my taxes, NIC and tobacco duty, I want all the fucking spare lungs, drugs and other shit that I might need.

It's not her job to moralise, but it is her job to get me a fucking bed pan should I need it.

Clean Air Now said...

if you are stupid enough to smoke you probably don't care if you die or not so we might as well let them die!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with this woman: we should also refuse any treatment to pregnant women who could have used contraception; children - their parents did not have to have a child; injured builders who could have worked in a safe office; drinkers who could have chosen to drink only organic orange juice; injured sportsmen/women; blind people tripping over uneven paving stones - they could have taken better care of their eyes. We could also refuse treatment to middle-class twats with double-barrelled names who could have afforded to go private, not expecting the NHS, funded by all, to put those expensive little mistakes right. Engage brain before mouth, please, Ms Deville-Almond. BTW, doesn't cyanide smell of almonds?

cornyborny said...

Well done, Clean Air Now. You've just proven once again that socialists are simultaneously the most evil and the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet.

Clive said...

The gentleman could just shoot Ms. Devilled-Eggs in the head, and then take her heart for transplant.

If he can find her heart.

Angel of Death said...

The fucker probably drives a shitty Renault Espace and pumps out fumes into the lungs of people like myself who don't drive. Fuckin hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I agree with her - Smoking is stupid beyond belief. Stop smoking or die.

Sammich said...

Why do smokers deserve to be saved usuing my money? I agree with above - die you idiots.

The nurse is right - if you want to kill youreself, please feel free to go ahead but don't expect us to care

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