P0rn! (of the statistical variety) the fifth.

5 months now for the Constantly Furious blog, and things are lookin' up, baby. After that quiet period in July, the numbers have picked up gratifyingly. Good job CF is a fighter not a quitter, eh?

As always, CF doesn't really know how to interpret the figures, or which are the most important, but he's gonna tell you anyway. Here they are:

18,109 Page Loads
14,510 Unique Visitors
8,143 First Time Visitors
6,137 Returning Visitors

Most viewed post of the month - by a long way - was the PC World rant, mostly thanks to l-l-linkage love from the angry baby and the angry man in a mask: mighty premier league bloggers: thanks for the eyeballs, guys.

Most referrals, as ever, came from the lovely JuliaM, who is - as well as an Ambush Predator, whatever that is - also among the top commenters. LFAT was also kind enough to 'First Class' several posts, as he often does.

CF is always very grateful to anyone who does come along: many thanks to all who linked, hat-tipped,  and quoted CF's humble scratchings, and thanks to all who visited.

We fight on, we fight to win.


Mark Thompson said...

I think you forgot to thank my mum for her endorsement of you. I suspect that's half of your increase explained right there ;)

Unknown said...

I didn't realise you'd only been going for 5 months CF, much the same as us at the F-2-C blog. Like you I have a problem reading the stats as provided but do my best to relay them to our readers. As far as blogging is concerned I still can't work out how I get links to other blogs like yours at the bottom of their pages, I will endeavour to find out though.

Great blog, as ever CF, you say what we are thinking.

Onward and upwards.

mariet said...

Thanks Mark and CF!