Eastenders has a bit of a Mayor

Professional whinger and living embodiment of the word 'bitterness', Ken 'Red Ken' Livingstone, has had a little strop because Boris Johnson has just appeared on the soap opera and rape 'n' abortion misery festival that is Eastenders.

Apparently, poor Ken was not allowed to have his turn when he was Mayor, even though he pleaded with them not once but twice. Ken Livingstone? Cynical self-publicist? Who'd have thought?

So that's not very 'fair', is it? Boris is asked to appear, whereas Ken was rejected. Ken's not happy:

""There has obviously been a Damascene conversion here ... There is no reason why the BBC should not give the mayor a cameo appearance; I just wish they would do it for everybody, not just their chosen favourites."

Their chosen favourites? What the fuck? Bitter much, you newt-fancying arse?

Little Kenny's also been blubbing to the Guardian, who would usually agree that Blue Boris should have been denied the oxygen of publicity. In a piece hilariously sub-headlined "They never let me be on it, says Ken Livingston", his moans are reproduced.

Ken's first bid for soap opera stardom was when he was leader of the Greater London council and

"wanted to plug his campaign against Tory plans to scrap the London-wide body"

Ah. So you wanted to go onto a soap opera to publicise an anti-Tory political campaign then? And they didn't let you. Not exactly a huge surprise, is it?

So did you learn your lesson, and tone things down for your second attempt for tea-time fame? This time, as mayor:

"he asked highlight a recycling campaign but was turned down, he said, on the grounds that it was "too political"."

So no. No you didn't.

Can you spot the difference, Ken? Boris is a clever sod, who has perfected his affable, bumbling fool schtick, and become quite the media personality. No wonder they wanted him.

Whereas you, Ken, are a tedious, moaning git with an irritiating nasal voice, who just wanted to 'go on the telly' to push your nasty leftie agenda.

No wonder they didn't want you.



Anonymous said...

I hovered for a while thinking what I could add... but no, you've said it all and rather well. Bravo.

Captain Haddock said...

This is something of a surprise from the Beeb ..

Maybe they've woken up to the facts as to who their new masters are going to be ..

As for Livingstone .. I wouldn't give him the steam off my piss ..

Jill said...

I like Ken!

I bet he wasn't on that genealogy thing either. Boris was and he does make rather good telly. It's probably a horridly tragic thing to admit, but I watch Mayor's Question Time on BBC Parliament!

Is Captain Haddock (what a tit) saying he's missed Boris's HIGNFY hilarity? Top Gear? The thingy about Rome? Europe? Perhaps I watch too much TV.

Captain Haddock said...

Hi Jill

As a non TV owner .. I missed all the programmes you mention ..

I was just pleasantly surprised to see the Beeb showing a little balance .. they normally (according to what I read) show an unnatural bias towards NuLieBore ..

As for Livingstone .. I regard him as a disgusting & utterly repulsive little man .. and when I was resident in London, had to suffer the antics of his "Loony left" GLC .. But, each to their own, I suppose ..

Kindest regards ..

Jill said...

Hi Captain

Sorry I called you a tit - but um... there is certainly more than one opinion on the BBC than that NuLabour lackeys/myGodthemediaisfull ofliberalpinkoslikewotitisinAmerica.

For instance, from my (very) left, (very) liberal perspective, it's as much a regressive, establishment-supporting institution as Nu-Labour AND the Tories AND, if the downmarket, tabloid style of the 10 o'clock news is taken as a yardstick, about as intellectually rigorous as the Sport, let alone the Sun.

RantinRab said...

Funny how all these 'commenters' with 'normal first names' always have a private profile.

Jill, fuck off back under your leftie stone, there's a good girl. Your paymasters are calling you.

banned said...

I agree with The Captain, BBC is jumping ship, just like The Sun.
BTW Jill, for all its equality & diversity claptrap have you noticed just how hideously white the senior ranks of the BBC remain ? Thought that might cheer you up.

Captain Haddock said...

No offence taken Jill ..

In my time I've been insulted by experts .. whose sheer creativity with the English language had to be heard to be believed .. Lol

I think its safe to say that politically, we're about as diametrically opposed as its possible to be ..

But that's the wonderful thing about Free Speech .. the ability to air one's views publicly, without fear of interference from the State ..

I read an article yesterday on another Blog, which had been written by Andrew Marr, (beloved of the Left) .. its content truly horrified & frightened me .. If the day ever dawns when his thoughts are acted upon .. Free Speech will merely be a thing of memory ..

Jill said...

Hi Captain (sorry, CF, if it's borderline opposites-attract flirting in your very own commentary section)

Actually, perhaps we are not diametrically opposed. I was thinking, after I got a drubbing down from Rab C (even though I didn't call HIM a tit, and the name on my birth certificate is Jill, and I'm not being in the least bit private, I just don't have a blog, but I do have a Gmail log-in, and multiple other refutations), that I very much like the Political Spectrum thingy CF has on his blog.

You'd place me in the bottom left quadrant, somewhere around the Gandhi mark. CF is in the bottom right.

Yet the two main parties are both squarely in the top right quadrant, with Cameron a gnat's bollock to the southeast of Broon, whom everyone on these right libertarian blogs coruscates to death. I'm no fan of Broon, but I do think the prism of domestic politics actually obscures the real position of various actors on the stage - and in this conversation, that most definitely includes the BBC.

I've got more in common with Dan Hannan than I have with NuLabour - yet I self-identify as left wing!

Thanks for pointing out I have as much right to flood CF's commentary section with off topic remarks as anyone else does!

Anonymous said...

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