The THIRD Irish referendum?

So, the bloody Irish have chosen to vote 'Yes' in the second Lisbon referendum.

Yes to a European superstate, telling us all what to do.

And yes to Tony fucking Blair, grinning and leering over his new enormous republic.

The Irish voted 'No' first time around. So its now level pegging, one apiece. CF is looking forward to the third referendum on the Lisbon treaty, but there doesn't seem to have been a date announced for that one yet.

It is best of three isn't it?



mungle said...

No it's not the best of three in this case. There'e too much troughing at stake. Troughing that dwarfs our own feeble, parochial westminster troughing This is troughing on a grand scale.

Anonymous said...

So whats fucking changed that someone who voted No last Time now votes Yes ?

Anonymous said...

God help us .. because no other bastard will ..

From a citizen of the country formerly known as "Great Britain" ..

Barking Spider said...

I thought they would have had more sense, CF, how mistaken I was!

banned said...

So the course of European history starting in 1914 and ending with the Euro superstate has been decided on the insecurities of a few thousand Irish persons.

Isn't that grand.

Jones said...

Also how does it feel that your fucking taxes got funneled into the 'yes' campaign coffers?

How about we emigrate to Zimbabwe where's theres more democracy?

Dark Lochnagar said...

The whole EU state thing is getting decidely scary. Imagine having to endure that arsehole Blair again. It wasn't just the money poured into the yes vote from the Eu but the likes of Michael O'Leary from Ryanair putting 500,000 euroes to get the EU to allow his takeover of Air Lingus. Fucking disgusting that it should be allowed to happen.

Lauren Simcock said...
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Lauren Simcock said...

Presedenty Blair.How scary is that? I don't know where to begin
If Tony Blair does become President of the European Union, he is set to enjoy a raft of perks.
They include:
- a salary of around £275,000 a year, some £78,000 more than Gordon Brown is paid;...
- a residency allowance to cover the cost of living in Brussels, worth 15 per cent of his salary;
- a monthly 'entertainment allowance';
- a chauffeur-driven car;
- a housing allowance;
- personal staff of around 20.

He's already paid £157,000 for a 90-minute address as a 'speaker'.Wouldn't you think that was enough for him to fuck off out of politics for good and enjoy his privillaged life,whilst saving the rest of us the worry that he's about to become the superpowerful supertwat of EUROPE!!