Iceland: fire, ice, but no burgers.

There's a whole lot of schadenfreude goin' on, now that MacDonald’s has announced they will no longer be peddling their filthy-but-delicious wares in Iceland.

"McDonald's is pulling out of Iceland next week, in a fresh blow to the island nation a year on from a financial crash that nearly left it bankrupt"

..gloats the Guardian.  A 'fresh blow'? In exactly what fucking sense is the loss of Ronald bloody MacDonald and all his spotty acolytes a 'blow'?

All the pro-European droolers are delighted. "See what happens if you're not protected by the super-state?", they crow. "No more yummy burgers!"

But hang on. Hang on just a fucking minute.

MacDonald’s care about one thing only. Their profits. They're not running away because they disapprove of Iceland, or are concerned by its banking crisis, or disagree with the steps Iceland is taking toward recovery.

No, they're giving up on Iceland purely because the difference between what it costs them to put together a disgusting, dripping Big Mac and what they can sell it for in Reykjavik is too small. They won't make any fucking money.

So why the fuck would they carry on? There are hundreds of other countries where they can flog their loathsome heart-stoppers at a handsome margin.

And the Icelandic people probably don't care much either. They've got a weak currency, so they're going to import less crap across the board. They're also supporting local businesses, and beginning to export more. Why? Because they are in control.

Iceland’s economy is recovering a fuck of a lot faster than Ireland's. Why? Because Ireland is stuck with fixed exchange rates because of its membership of - guess what? - the Euro.

And what of the UK? Well, we've certainly got all the MacDonald’s we need, thanks. Whole towns seem to live on little else.

We've got a little bit of a banking crisis on too. And what are we doing? We're doing exactly what the EU super-state tells us to, that's what. We're breaking up our banks: Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland are being forced to sell off chunks of their retail branch networks. Forced? Yes, forced as part of a "European Union-mandated plan".

Is that good for us? Who knows? We just have to do what the super-state tells us.

So, what would you prefer? Control over our own economy or a centrally controlled economy with MacDonald's?

And would you like fries with that?



subrosa said...

McDonalds would possibly have left Iceland because, from my contacts there, they don't do any business. Icelanders prefer fresh healthy foods not junk.

A couple of years ago I visited Florence for a few days and had to pass a McDonalds to get to the hotel.Day and night it was full of drunks and druggies. Never saw a tourist in it in the perhaps 24 times I passed.

Mind you, it wasn't in the old town centre - sensible of the authorities.

Jill said...

Not a big fan of Euro-statism, but um... there IS a reasonable argument that says better a player with obligations than an independent has-been.

Can't eat McDonald's though. Is it really actually honestly truly food? Not as I know it, Jim, that's for sure.

Jill said...

Subrosa: I've only ever seen one McDonald's in Tuscany - just outside Lucca. Never been in, but the car park is pretty deserted!

Dippyness. said...

Ha! McDonald's 'ain't wanted in Iceland.
They have very different eating habits. This includes the breeding of some superb ponies which, by all accounts, make very good eating as well. So why eat soggy fat filled burgers?
No I don't have a problem with eating horse meat. :-)

JuliaM said...


Oh, what? I lost the thread. Got a bit hungry.. ;)

Hurf Durf said...

Everyone knows Burger King is tastier anyway.

Anonymous said...

So taking stock your ideal Saturday fternoon would be a stroll round your local PC World followed by a family meal at MacDonalds. Sounds good to me !

Captain Haddock said...

Probably got pissed off with being asked for a "Big Mag" (short for Magnus Magnusson) .. Lol

Sammich said...

Who cares? You're a dull blogger, CF. Find something worthwhile to talk about, if you can.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought the Guardian would have been delighted at the capitalist running dogs, MacDonalds, having to leave Iceland because they weren't making any money.

The only useful thing our local council has done over the years is resist all planning applications submitted by the purveyor of cows' udder burgers.

Anonymous said...

@ Sammich. Here's your refund, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

@Sammich. Incapable of decent and honest comment, therefore resort to slur. let me guess - Labour voter?

Dark Lochnagar said...

I saw that about consulting the E.C about breaking up our banks. What fuck has it to do with them!

Dark Lochnagar said...

C.F. ban that Sammich wanker. What the fuck does he know about creating a blog. It can't be top political stories every day. Some days you have to be topical.

banned said...

Probably cost Macdonalds too much to airfreight their buns to Iceland ( they are made in a big factory outside Hemel Hempstead ).

Now what's this about the EU 'forcing us' to break up our Banks ? Didn't Mr. Brown tell us just the other day in Parliament that they had "given permission " to break-up Northern Rock, a subtle but significant difference methinks.