Troughing MP's? Carry on.

Jubiliation today as it is trumpeted that yet another troughing MP has got his just desserts. Yes,  David Wilshire, who managed to suck 100,000 of our cash into a company he owns has announced he will be stepping down. CallMeDave Cameron puts on his one of his 'quite cross' faces and says yes, he's "Done the Right Thing."

Huzzah! That'll teach the bastard. Let's see how he survives without ... what ? ... hang on ...oh...

So, yes, Wilshire has announced that he will be 'stepping down'. In the whole new universe of weasel words, invented for the expenses scandal, this actually means .. fuck all. The bastard's life hasn't changed at all.

He's still an MP. He's still being paid his salary. He'll still be entitled, god help us, to claim expenses. And, unless there's a massive break with recent tradition, that 100,000 will probably remain stashed wherever it is, in Switzerland, or the Cayman Islands. Pay it back? Not for me, thanks.

All Wilshire has said is that he's won't be brave enough, come the General Election, to see if his constituents would forgive his massive crime, and re-elect him. Big fucking deal. Of course they wouldn't. So now he's got six months to look for another fucking job, whilst being paid by us to not do his current one.

And he's not the only one. Look, there's:

Shahid fucking Malik, the Muslim who claimed that the "expenses Green Book is my bible" , who left the cabinet after we discovered we'd bought him a flat screen TC and a big comfy chair to watch it from, but is still a fucking MP.

Hazel bloody Blears, who defrauded the tax man as well as the taxpayer, might have left the cabinet, but is still very much alive and troughing. She didn't get deselected, so she's still on our payroll.

Elliot bastard Morley, who as well as looking like a pig, troughed like a one, claiming payments for a non-existant mortgage. Yup. Still an MP. Not for much longer, but still taking our money right now.

Barbara fucking Follet, who - in spite of her husband boasting how much money he gave her - still spent thousands of our money on making her vast house more secure. If her husband's so fuicking rich, why didn't she call it a day back in May, eh?

And then there's the Queen of all our Hearts, Jacqui 'Jackboots' Smith. She hasn't even gone as far as that. She's defrauded the taxpayer for another 100,000, and she's not paying any of it back, and she's not even announced any 'plans to step down', let alone resign, for fucks sake. In fact, its pretty fucking likely that the next time we see her stupid gurning face, she'll be wrapped in ermine, and be a proper lady. No chance of seeing the back of her.

For fucks' sake. What does an MP have to do to lose their job? How big a fraud do they have to commit to get the police involved? How preposterous does their claim have to be before they are made to pay it back?

How the fuck are we supposed to get rid of these dishonest MP's?

As CF's granny used to say, it's like trying to get shit off a blanket.



Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Do you see how over the years they have subtly removed the accountable laws and infrastructure, piece by piece, little by little, without us noticing?

Very clever, very, very clever.

And now they are untouchable. Took a leaf out of the old Marxists-Lenninist book of oppression methinks.

Only one thing left now: mass withholding of taxes or bloody revolution.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Jacqui Smith should not be allowed to resign. She should be forced to stand again at the next election so that she will suffer the humiliation of receiving nil points.

Then she should be carted of to the clink for fraud.

Anonymous said...

Elliot Gould or Morley?

Constantly Furious said...

"Elliot Gould or Morley?"

Yeah, yeah, I'm a fuckwit.

The Trougher, not the Trapper.

subrosa said...

It's a bluddy disgrace these MPs are allowed to stay on until the election when they'll receive a golden handshake most of us could only dream about, plus a pension which could keep an average family comfortably not just one person.

They should be sacked immediately. No handshake and no pension.

Goodbye Mackay said...

We've kicked off a campaign to get Andrew Mackay out - come and have a look and a laugh at their embarrassments!