Twitter - 1 : Evil hate-filled bitch Jan Moir - 0

What a week the Twittersphere is having! After the triumphant pounding delivered to Carter-Ruck, causing them to withdraw their injunctions and limp back to Holborn whimpering, Friday has seen another display of raw Twitter-power, this time against the Daily Mail, rather than for the Gruaniad.

In her latest spewings, the ghastly Jan Moir of that Daily Mail  - and what the fuck goes on in that vile bitches head? - has concluded that pop star Stephen Gately died, and probably deserved to die, because he was one of those revolting gayers.

In an article filled with innuendo, dripping with poison, she tries to draw us all to her ridiculous conclusions that he died because he was, you know, not normal.

No need to repeat it all here, as its been comprehensively fisked by Anton Vowl over at The enemies of reason, but those who are too lazy to go there (no, you should) here are the highlights:

"Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one."

"..those idols live a life that is shadowed by dark appetites or fractured by private vice"

"..household names out there with secret and not-so-secret troubles .. damaging habits both past and present"

"33-year-old men do not just climb into their pyjamas and go to sleep on the sofa, never to wake up again. "

"After a night of clubbing, Cowles and Gately took a young Bulgarian man back to their apartment. It is not disrespectful (like fuck it isn't) to assume that a game of canasta with 25-year-old Georgi Dochev was not what was on the cards."

On and on it goes, prejudice, hate and resentment oozing from her fingertips. Why don't you try something similar about them Muslims, Jan? We'll collect your body parts after the weekend.

But of course, as well as going in the tawdry rag in W H Smiths, this crap went online. And shit, the Twittersphere's not havin' any of that.

People got busy, twitters were sent, the issue rocketed up in profile. An ironic -although not overly subtle - hashtag, #thedailymailisgay, sprung up.

Tweets were directed to the advertisers on the web page, urging them to look at what they were squatting next to. BT, Marks and Spencers' and Visit England were all contacted, and one-by-one decided that, no, this was perhaps not part of their corporate image. Ads began to disappear.

Eventually, the monkeys running the Daily Mail's website realised what was going on, and pulled all of the adverts. Moir's piece now floats - if it hasn't been pulled completely by now - in an ocean of non-revenue generating whitespace.

Twitter may be trivial, tedious and pointless most of the time, but when it comes to dealing with sad,  hate-filled fascists like Jan Moir:

Twitter For The Win!!

++ UPDATE ++  Fuckin' 'ell : CF finds himself, for once, in agreement with Alastair fucking Campbell, who fisks the article, and the following semi-apology, rather well.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

CF, I don't think Moir's trying to say that at all.

Think about the sad demise of jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, John Bonham et al...all brilliant musicians who self destructed. But hey, it was the seventies maaaan!!

Now we have the newspapers and PR people falling all over themselves to point out that Gately was ever such a nice lad with a civil partner and died of natural causes. Well as natural as getting roaring drunk, passing out on the sofa and inhaling your own vomit whilst your partner is having bum sex with a Bulgarian in the next room can be.

Anonymous said...

Henry Cunt you fucking idiot.

Your on the wrong blog. Perhaps you should be writing for the Daily Mail to.

JuliaM said...


Not 'homophobia' so much as 'showbusiness/hedonistic lifestyleophobia'...

Dungeekin said...

Ms Moir's was a lovely article, full of the stuff that excites the average Daily Mail reader.

It's a shame that there's a national newspaper out there employing 'journalists' with views more suited to 1949 than 2009.


Jon Lishman said...

Stephen who?

Rob said...

She really is a bitter and twisted old trout isn't she?. I still fucking hate twitter though. And the Gately jokes have been crap compared to the Jacko ones.

Apart from this one, that is...

'What's pink and goes round and round anound?

Stephen Gately's suitcase at the airport'

Eye thankyewww.

English Viking said...

I am surprised that CF is condoning the curtailing of free speech in the press. That advertizers who have no idea what item their advert might appear next to have been forced to withdraw their adverts is also not a good day for freedom.

Why don't we just shoot those filthy homophobes, there ought to be a law against those sort of things, I mean, it just aint natural, is it? Sound familiar?

Turning people into objects of hate for being homophobic is as bad as hating people for being homosexual.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bob,

They are a bit crap aren't they? Although I did like these:

Stephen Gately's autopsy discovered a small fruit in his areshole. The coroner concluded that he had in fact been DATE raped.

Also Mat Lucas was vindicated after the recent death of his long time partner and the death of Stephen Gately, his cries of 'I'm the only gay in the village' appear increasingly accurate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:43 Care to identify yourself instead of posting anonymously. No thought not...tell you what why don'y you come round to mine and say it to me directly...and bring your fucking dinner. You'll need it.

Barrowman said...

Has this been ghost written?

This seems the type of prescribed thinking fascism that CF usually rallies against.

If of course I've said something you don't like you can always start another stupid twitter campaign.

JuliaM said...

The problem with 'We don't like what you said, so we'll get people to complain until your advertisers pull their copy' campaigns is...

...what happens if the people you target get wise to that, and pay/encourage people to vote the other way?

Having listened to one set of outraged people, you are then a hostage to fortune if ANOTHER set of outraged people (a bigger group) demand the return to whatever it was the first group were railing against!

Constantly Furious said...

Picking up some rumblings here...

To be clear, CF is not, is never, against the freedom to speak your mind. Even vile bitches like Moir get that. Let 'em say what they want: fuck 'em.

However, CF also has the right to critique and commentate, and was very amused to see the latest Twitter 'uprising'. The post is a commentary on that, not an attempt to stifle crazy Jan.

Quite important difference.

Sean said...

I agree with the writer that this isnt as simple as it seems. However, I also believe the family have a right to grieve Gately without the media circus surrounding his death. Obviously more happened that night. I am a gay man, and when my circle heard the news, most suspected drugs. On hearing about the Bulgarian, most suspected the obvious there too. The family obviously wouldnt want this publicised, neither would the tourist islands authorities clearly. Hedonism and drugs are a day to day accepted part of life in the gay world and in showbiz world-the two are very much the same. I do worry about the writers tone, and the family are right to be annoyed with it. But the writer is simply implying that he does not understand this alien world that gays and showbiz stars live covering up the circumstances of Gatelys death, neither do the family, so I believe writer and family have more in common than they realise....comments please...

Read more:

mungle said...

What angers me about Moirs article is the impression she gives that she would like everyone to live lives of narrow conformity. Anyone not doing so should be made to feel very uncomfortable until they do conform to a Jan approved norm. No account taken of the complexity of human nature. Live like I do or expect the worst. I hate the authoritarianism of the mob (which she was trying to appeal to)as I do state authoritarianism.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for putting into perspective. It is not the lifestyle choices of Stephen Gately and his partner that are this issue. It is the obvious attempt at a cover up and the indecent haste at which Stephen Gately's death was attributed to natural causes. Granted his family won't want to know any of the sordid details but as their son was a pop icon, it is inevitable that stories and rumours of his death will circulate. What the idoits on twatter have overlooked is the Bulgarian hawking his story to the tabloids for a tidy five figure sum.

Bill Bell said...

Fuck of Henry Cunt, you moronic fascist fuckfaced sack of puss.

Jill said...

I almost died of pulmonary oedema. Seriously. No messin'. And there wasn't a Bulgarian in sight. Or any poppers. Or any anal sex. Or any alcohol. Or anything at all that might have been in the slightest bit enjoyable (and birchable if you're Jan Moir).

I dunno. Silly old trout has the right to say what she likes. The Mail has a right to take whatever editorial line it likes. And everything on the net is super-heated, isn't it? Like CF, I quite like it that the Twitterati threw their toys out of the pram.

It seems most significant that advertisers are happy to advertise against that kind of text MOST of the time, but not when many people point out what kind of text it is. Yet they KNOW what kind of text it's likely to be, just as we all know. I don't see that as an outcome of mob rule, I see it as being made to look in the mirror.

It's the ethics of advert placing (and accepting, eg a BA advert under George Monbiot's articles in the Grauniad) that's most seen to have its pants down here, I think.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill Bellend

I think you'll find that it is:

"Fuck off Henry Cunt, you moronic fascist fuckfaced sack of pus"

Note that "off" has two effs, else it is just a preposition so if you did mean "of" I'm not quite sure what it is I am supposed to fuck.

Did you mean puss, as in feline or cat, or did you mean the whitish yellow septic exudant? If the latter, I think you will find it is spelled "pus". Just one ess, Bill.

Obviously folks we have yet another intelectually challenged Labour educated member of the populace (and I mean member in every sense of the word) resorting to name calling and profanity in the absence of the ability to string together a few coherent sentences.

Anonymous said...

Henry Crun,

I think it is a little pathetic to use "Labour educated" as an insult. Education and Hospitals DIED under the Tories and they are about to do so again when Cameron and his ilk get in next year. Of course, the blue army forget this and are just waiting for their tax breaks. Isn't that right, spoilt rich boy?

Tractor stats for the Fuckwitted said...

Anonymous: of course Education has never been better under Labour , I mean record numbers of students with A grade passes this year so it must be true.!!!

Rob said...

Anonymous, I wa wholly educated under a tory government and going on the abilities of new graduates and school leavers I have encountered in recent years I seriously believe I had a better education. Qualifications were tougher pre '97. There may have been a bucket in the classroom to catch the drips leaking from the roof but at least I was learning.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jan Moir is an "evil filled bitch." I don't much care either. Nor do I read the Mail. I hadn't even heard of this singer until his demise took over the headlines and television news in yet another minor celebrity love-fest. Quite frankly, I'm fed up of the lot. I'm surprised though, and somewhat alarmed, that the blogescenti have rallied to protect this new Peoples Princess and follow the lead of the well orchestrated campaign by the champagne luvies of Hampstead against the journalist.

Surprising though it may seem, many of us have a problem with "hedonistic," lifestyles. That euphemisim for drug fuelled promiscuity, which the gay brigade would have is believe is normal, just isn't. We would welcome it's presence in our communities as we would the visit of the Black Death, a convoy of Pikey caravans or a tribe of marauding football holligans led by John Presscot.

To be out of step with the gay lot though invites a tidal wave of vitriol and accusations of being facist. They are organised and descend on blogs and web sites of all descriptions that critisise gays and then follow the script of calling advertisers to stop providing revenue.

The only bullies here who think they have a right to impose there lifestyles on the rest of us are the likes of Fry. Well guess what, back on Planet Normal we can and will face up and politely point out that we can say what we like, read what we like and think what we like.

Moreover, we'll do everything we can to keep your pernicious way of life out of ours and also the classrooms and lives of our children.

I'm only surprised here that Gordo hasn't yet issued a statement of sympathy.

By the way, "Gately's management company wasn't really called "Back Door Management," was it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never came across so much hate in a blog before.
Here is another hate filled bitch Mandy. She feeds hamsters redbull and abuses them every day.

Anonymous said...

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