Why Blair SHOULD be President

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Tony Blair is a slippery, self-serving, lying bastard, who doesn’t deserve a single second of the acclaim he gets in certain places, or a single fucking penny of the millions he and his slot-gobbed missus seemed to have amassed.

And now we learn, to our appalled fascination, that this git is about to walk, unelected and unopposed, into the role of the President of the EU.  They'll probably put his grinning fucking face on the Euro notes - the Euro notes that we'll all be forced to have in our wallets soon.

How the fuck did this come to pass? And how can we stop it?

The answer to the second question is probably "Tough Shit. We can't".

Just as soon as those Czechs are bullied and bribed into signing the Lisbon Treaty, laughing boy will put on the Crown. Even CallMeDave can't do anything - Brown has already bravely crept in through the back door of the EU building at midnight, and courageously signed the Treaty when no-one was looking.

So that's just fucking nice, isn't it? All stand! Here comes president B-Liar!

But there is one crumb of hope, one faint ray of light, as George 'what a nutter' Monobiot, writing on his blog, points out. There is one good thing that could come out of this.

There's no doubt that, for what he said and did about Iraq when he was Prime Minister, Anthony bloody Blair is a good old-fashioned war criminal. Jack 'knows about the law' Straw clearly said, on record, to Blair:

"..the conditions required to launch a legal war:
i) There must be an armed attack upon a State or such an attack must be imminent;
ii) The use of force must be necessary and other means to reverse/avert the attack must be unavailable;
iii) The acts in self-defence must be proportionate and strictly confined to the object of stopping the attack."

And added ..

"..the development or possession of weapons of mass destruction does not in itself amount to an armed attack; what would be needed would be clear evidence of an imminent attack."

So, yeah, bang to rights, Blair-baby: guilty of the waging an unprovoked war.

Luckily for Tony, in 2006, Law Lords decided that the international crime of aggression is not incorporated into UK domestic law. That means that while he and his ghastly spouse remain in the UK, there's no way of prosecuting Teflon Tony.

But, this crime can be prosecuted in several other countries: Estonia, Latvia, some of the states of the former USSR, possibly (but only possibly) even Germany. Best stay away, Tony, unless you want your collar felt.

Of course, at the moment, Blair is a private citizen. He can go where the fuck he wants - and stay away from where the fuck he wants - and not tell anybody what he's up to.

But, once he becomes El Presidente, that'll stop: he'll have a 'proper' public diary, and we'll all know where he's roaming in his new Kingdom, and when he leaves it on 'official' business.

He'll be suddenly vulnerable. Vulnerable to a maverick judge putting out an arrest warrant. Vulnerable to a citizens' arrest from one of his millions of motivated enemies. We might even see the bastard in the dock one day.

So, yeah, Tony, be President. Please. Get out there. Put yourself about. Go on. Travel the world, grinning and waving.

Just watch your back, eh?



patently said...

I can't even begin to express how happy that would make me feel.

Anonymous said...

CF, unfortunately Bliar will never get to the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. We will never get to see that fucking grin wiped of his face...he's a son of the Vatican now and therefore an untouchable.

The Iraq war was executed with the tacit blessing of the UN despite their protestations (cf Bosnia-Herzegovina, Srbenica, Kosovo)- it's only the losing side that get dragged before the courts.

Radovan Karadic being the case in point.

Captain Haddock said...

Killemall ..

Why not offer that opportunity as the main prize on the National Lottery ?

Revenue for various causes would rise dramatically & it would make such good Telly, I might even be tempted to rent one just for the occasion ..

Anonymous said...

The calculating Cunt even changed his religion( not that it worth a fuck in the hands of a liar anyway) to set him up for the european presidency. A despicable psychopath with a greedy grasping vulgar wife.

Captain Haddock said...

Ahhh .. but now he can always scuttle off to "Confession" on a Saturday & be absolved of his sins for the cost of Three "Our Father's" & six "Hail Mary's" ..

Then take Communion on a Sunday in a "State of Grace" & return to his normal modus operandi of lying and cheating on Monday morning ..

Ready to do the self same thing the following weekend ..

Good innit ? ...

banned said...

I believe that the reason Tax-Exile Blair declined the customary Lordship or even Knighthood upon his departure from No10 is that he always had his beady eye on Europes coffers but by personally acknowledging the Queens suzereignity it would then be impossible for him to swear an oath to Europe.
The cunt might be made El ReichsHautPresidente but he is still a Subject of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mind you it woukd be fun if, as you suggest, some Bulgarian Judge out to make a name for himself issued a Euro Arrest Warrant for him.