Hit 'n' Run Hatty

Most people will be delighted to learn that the nation's least-favourite feminist, Harriet 'Hatty' Harman, is being investigated by police after leaving the scene of an accident in which - wait for it - she drove into a parked car while talking on her mobile phone.

In spite of this stupidity, which sets the cause of wimmin drivers back about 100 fucking years, Hatty was unfazed.

It seems that, post-crunch, the strident feminist wound down her window and said, with the usual arrogance of the entitled classes: 'I'm Harriet Harman - you know where you can get hold of me.'

But guess what, Hatty? That's not legal. You can't actually do that, not matter how terrifically important you think you are.

Even though you're the neice of the Countess Longford, and the product of an expensive private education, you can't actually do what the fuck you want.

Even though you're deputy Leader of the Labour Party, and you're married to one of the most powerful Trade Union leaders in the land, you're not above the fucking law.

A little refresher on the law for Ms Harperson: Under the 1988 Road Traffic Act, any driver involved in a collision with another vehicle is required by law to stop and give their name and address, as well as details of the vehicle's owner and the vehicle's registration.
Any driver who does not give their details at the time must then report the accident to the police.

The silly bitch doesn't even need to be driving while on the phone - we already pay for her chauffeur-driven Toyota Prius - so what the fuck was she doing driving herself, with apparently urgent phone calls to make?

Police sources told The Mail on Sunday she was due to be questioned early last week, but this was "delayed because of the Labour conference".

What? What? The process of law was delayed, just because it might have made the ruling party look bad? Jesus Christ, we really are in the last days of a banana republic.

The police source went on to say:

"The police were contacted by concerned members of the public who had witnessed the accident and the behaviour of Ms Harman who they said drove off without leaving her details.

'She is now being investigated for driving away from an accident because it appears that she did not comply with the law which requires her to leave her name and address or her insurance details with the owner of the damaged vehicle.

'If prosecuted and convicted for failing to stop after accident she could face up to six months' imprisonment.."

Yeah, right.  Like that's going to happen. Much as CF would love to see Hatty H. behind bars, it'll be a cold day in hell before an MP even has to pay a fucking parking ticket, so this shit won't stick.

Apparently, when questioned by the police, the Harpy will not 'necessarily' be arrested but instead she will have to sign a police document in which she must state that she is telling the truth.

Tell you what, Plod, you're wasting your time there. A Labour politician? Tell the truth? Not fucking likely. You're more likely to get a long lecture on what 'The Tories' would have done in they'd been in the driving seat.

We all know how this story's going to end, don't we? Already a spokeswoman (well, of course it was a fucking spokeswoman) has said that:

"Harriet strongly refutes these allegations but she is co-operating fully with the police.""

Strongly refutes? What the fuck? Which allegation do you 'refute', Hatty? Was it not you in the car? Did the car not really hit the other car at all? Were you not, in spite of what witnesses say, on the phone? Did you actually stop and give your address and then everyone forgot you'd done it? Or did the whole thing not actually happen at all, and we all imagined it.

Or is this just the standard, corrupt and mendacious nuLab response to any accusation of any kind of wrong-doing: "No, I didn't" ?

Just how stupid do we think we all are, Hatty? Oh. Right.



Captain Haddock said...

Sadly, CF .. I'm afraid you're absolutely right .. this won't stick ..

Which is what we've come to expect since the total politicisation of the Police under ZaNuLieBore ..

One set of Laws for us plebs .. another set for the ruling "Elite" ..

My guess is that the Attorney General, the DPP or the CPS will decide that its "not in the public interest" to prosecute her ..

Unknown said...

She is scum. A career politician of the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

CF, we all know that Ms Hatemen has no respect for the rule of law, or the court system (as evidenced here), preferring, of course, the court of public opinion.

Jill said...

Ha. Well, she *did* invoke the court of public opinion.

JuliaM said...

"What? What? The process of law was delayed, just because it might have made the ruling party look bad?"

It wasn't actually rattling along at a cracking pace anyway, was it? This happened in July!

Lauren Simcock said...

It makes your fucking blood boil doesn't it?One fucking law for them,and one for us.I'm sick as fuck of this double-standards government.I'd like to see her thrown in prison with a load of dykes and have her arse rammed with a lesbian weightlifter's arm until the Labour whore bleeds to death.It won't happen tho,sadly.This is one cunt that's ABOVE the law.No doubt she'll say she's learned a 'lesson' and she's very sorry.Try using that if you're an ordinary member of the public.They'd throw the book at you.

Unknown said...

Didn't this accident happen back in June, why didn't we hear about it then?
Do you believe that any action will be taken against her?

Captain Haddock said...

If there is any action taken against her (as there quite rightly should be) ..

I'll show my bare arse in Saxone's window ..

Len said...

Poor, poor Harriet... the office was filled with weeping and wailing for her sad plight, and those that had teeth gnashed them.

banned said...

So what was the real reason she crashed her car ? Can't just be because she was illegally using her mobile at the time, we all manage that easily enough ( allegedly ).
Crashing her car and not swapping details is not of itself the crime. Not reporting it to a Police Station within 24 hours is the crime of which she stands accused, so did she or did she not ?