Oh Darling, you're so cynical

What a fucking pathetic attempt, Darling.

'Leaking' (yeah, right) your little announcement just before the man who will shortly be taking your job speaks at the Conservative Conference. Did you really think, Darling, that anybody would be fooled by your announcement? A feeble attempt to detract from the Tories?

You don't intend to execute the plan to freeze Civil Servant's salaries, do you Darling?

In fact, you know bloody well that you won't be a position to dictate anybody's salary by "mid 2010". You'll be fucking lucky if you even have a salary of your own by then.

Perhaps the occasional appearance fee for GMTV, when you'll tell us "what George should be doing" between the weather and an interview with Kerry Katona.

In the meantime, stop wasting our time with your pathetic tribal attacks. Why don't you just get on with your own fucking job, Darling?

Why don't you concentrate on trying to get the nation out of the recession your boss and predecessor caused, Darling? Is it because you don't know how?

But here's the worst of it: did you hear, Darling, what David Cameron said about your little student politics announcement?

"cynical in timing and quite insubstantial in content""

If CallMeDave can legitimately say that about you, you know you've fucked up.



Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Expect the Snot Goblin to be posing in front of the troops in Afghanistan shortly announcing more fake troop withdrawals...

Anonymous said...

They insist on being spinning incompetents right to the very end.

Jill said...

Do you people like Flanders or rubbish her? I can't recall. I'm an economics dunce (plus I buy into that whole how the fuck can anyone call it a hard science and that's why we're in all this forking trouble anyway stuff) but she seems to add weight to my argument that all that really separates NuLab and the Tories is a gnat's bollock at best:


Captain Haddock said...

If "Badger" had the common sense to move his hand up & down .. I'd call him an Onanist .. but as he lacks that sense .. He's a mere "gripper" ..

As for Flanders .. I always enjoyed hearing him on the wireless .. singing along to Swann on the piano .. Lol

Constantly Furious said...

Flanders isn't talking economics, she's just comparing mendacious press releases.

A bright 18 year old with good spreadsheet skillz could've done that (and actually, probably did, while Flanders worked out her tax-dodging employment contract.)

Constantly Furious said...

". I always enjoyed hearing him on the wireless .. singing along to Swann on the piano .".

That Flanders actually was her dad. No, really.

Captain Haddock said...

Well .. I'll go to t'foot of our stairs ..

You learn summat new every day .. Lol

Thanks CF ..

Jill said...

Ha. Ok. Forget all BBC employees - and their rellies.

But it's a genuine question: do you guys actually think a Tory administration will represent a real sea change? Cos I really really don't.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I think Flanders was a bloke once. Big neck, deep voice.

Definitely of doubtful origin.

As for Darling and Co, they know they're fucked, and will lie in any direction, on any subject at any time. They just don't realise that apart from nut-case socialst scum, nobody believes a word they say any more.

Barking Spider said...

The best thing about Flanders is that she isn't Peston!