Captain Ranty gets it said

Captain Ranty has had enough, and says so:

"We have been taken roughly. We have been violated. We have been ignored. We have been discriminated against. We have been sidelined. We have been abused.

The Labour government has tried, and failed, to be all things to all men. Might as well attempt to wave a wand and create Utopia. It cannot be done. The last 13 years have been vicious. The sheer volume of statutes that HMG has shat out defies comprehension. But when you know that they do not, cannot, read and understand every statute they vote on, it makes my blood boil. We pay these people to represent us in parliament but their focus on ratifying new European law is not just lop-sided, it is, in my opinion, criminal.

And who gets upset by this? Very, very few of us. It's almost as if they are pumping Prozac into us through the water supply. Never, never in our history have we been so complacent, so unaffected, so uncaring while our fair country is raped, repeatedly, by men and women who care not a jot for the very people who gave them power.

Is it really all that surprising that litte people like me, angry beyond measure, previously ignorant (and knowingly so) of matters politic, find themselves so outraged that they enter Lawful Rebellion? I have several choices: I can reach for the cudgel, or I can reach for the quill. The cudgel I don't like (yet) because it means hurting fellow human beings, and that doesn't sit right with me. So I reached for the quill (ok, keyboard) instead, and began to retaliate in a small, but meaningful way.

Am I asking to return to 12th century Britain? Yes, in some ways. Life was simpler then. Everyone knew and understood the law. Can any of us, especially those that make the law, say that today? I know they cannot.

My country is nearly gone from me. If the people have lost their fighting spirit, then we have all lost. If we continue to allow Shariah Law to be practised, we have lost. If we allow the Tories to replace the Labour violators, we have lost. If we allow ourselves to subsumed into Europe, we have lost.

I will go down fighting. I will not roll over to be fucked again and again by career politicians.

The quill is still my weapon of choice, but I am putting a fresh coat of varnish on my cudgel."

Fucking excellent. That's getting it said.

The above is a heavily edited version of the Captain's rant; read the full rant over here. Thanks, Captain.


Captain Ranty said...

Much obliged CF.

I ripped out several paragraphs before publishing. I thought I had gone too far.

I realise now that one cannot go far enough. The contempt we are subject to is total.

No more holding back. They have never considered my sensibilities so I will no longer consider theirs.

Thanks again,


Captain Ranty said...

Please do, Killemall.

They won't understand it because it was written by a white man.

I should change my name to Captain Olekwame.....

Captain Haddock said...

Capt Ranty ..

Spot on Sir .. I'm with you all the way & as a former Serviceman, I have no qualms about hurting people ..

Yeats once wrote .. "When men of action lose hope, all they have left is action" ..

annie besant said...

We are NOT supine, complacent, uncaring etc etc. Stop saying that. We are just bloody POWERLESS. What do you expect individual people to do? It is all sewn up. The only thing left is to riot in the streets.

Captain Ranty said...


I rarely speak to people who say "We are powerless!", but almost every day I speak to people and hear them say "Meh".

Apathy rules. Ignorance comes a close second.

Like Capt. Haddock I believe this will end in violence and much spilt blood. Hopefully there will only be 646 "victims".

The process for violence is incomplete. The first step is always to enrage the population, but that is proving far more difficult than I could ever have imagined.


Captain Haddock said...

I am neither advocating violence,nor inciting others to commit violence .. but sadly, unless Politicians of every stripe start to pay attention to what ordinary people are thinking & saying .. I can envisage large scale public disorder becoming the norm ..

All most people (including me) want is a "fair crack of the whip" where the Law applies equally to ALL citizens (not just those of us who aren't in Parliament) .. To be listened to, to be consulted & to be treated with a little dignity instead of with open contempt ..

Politicians will fail to address these matters at their peril ..

Barking Spider said...

I don't think it's possible to go too far in your anger over the Westminster shower, CR. They deserve everything they will eventually get!!

Anonymous said...

Tick tock, tick tock. How slowly the nation awakens.

Defrauded, despised, mocked, cynically misled, used. English (yes, ENGLISH) kids who speak Polish and ask if they can wear a veil to school like all the other kids. Neighbours who don't understand us. Tax, tax, tax. Fine, fine, fine. Motorists, drinkers, smokers, eaters. Who next?

Tick tock, tick tock.

caesars wife said...

yes I am comming round to the opinion that somthing rather dire has occured over the last 13 years , some sort of fake but ever changing eutopia whilst the real power gets handed over to quislings and fat political corpratists.

i actually think this time labour have been caught well and truly with there pants down and waving there todger for nasty/perverted EU sex.

If that story about labour trying to fill the UK with Immigrants to ice the EU eutopia cake , they will be so finsihed .

Anonymous said...

"some sort of fake but ever changing eutopia " Yes Caesers wife its called "A Fools Paradise"

Captain Ranty said...

Captain Haddock-

I apologise for putting words in your mouth. This was not my intention. I should have rephrased that line.

It seems to me that there is an inevitability about it all. Somedays I wonder if it isn't all by design, but this would suggest that ZaNuLabour know what they are doing.

I dont think that is the case. They stagger from one outrage to the next, and that screams ineptitude, not careful planning.

The careful planning will be up to us.


Captain Ranty said...


I agree.

I will no longer attempt to to restrain myself, or be reasonable.

Sometimes, fire needs to be fought with fire.


Captain Haddock said...

Hi Capt.Ranty ..

I assure you that you didn't & I certainly didn't read it that way .. Lol

I merely wished to point out that I would prefer things not to get violent .. but I'm prepared to use violence, should the need arise in defending Me & mine and those core values which I believe in and stand for .. against anyone who attempts to force me into accepting alien beliefs & cultures which are of no interest to me ..

Or those, like Politicians who treat me with contempt .. they appear to have forgotten that they work for us and may need, sooner or later to be forcibly reminded of that fact ..

I honestly believe that Politicians are fully aware of the fact that as a people, we British are very tolerant & slow to anger and they have exploited that fact to the nth degree ..

I also believe they've neglected the fact that the British can only be pushed just so far .. and will then retaliate .. the difference being that the British fighting man has the will to win ..

They are rapidly approaching that point ..