5 more years of Gordon?

Gordon Brown, our beloved unelected leader, wants us to know that he intends to be with us for a long time yet.

He informed a grateful nation yesterday that, if - or 'when' in his tiny, deluded mind - Labour win the next election, he will be very glad to serve a full term as Prime Minister.

Given the Labour party's total fucking inability to get rid of him, much as they loathe him, over recent months, we have no choice but to believe him.

But all of this Brownian grandstanding comes against a background of further evidence in the weekend's press that Broon is ... err .. a complete fucking nutter., and utterly unable to do the job.

Peter Watt, former Labour party general secretary, had the chance to observe the patient for some years, and confirms that the PM is, to use the official term, several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Apparently, under McDoom's stewardship:

"Downing Street was a shambles. There was no vision, no strategy, no co-ordination. It was completely dysfunctional.

Watt has backed calls for the Prime Minister to be replaced, saying he lacks "emotional intelligence" and was disliked by even some of his closest Cabinet allies. For fuck's sake. If only one of them had grown a pair, eh?

And Brown simply isn't the towering genius that blinkered NuLab activists would have us believe. According to Watt, he's more like Mr Bean.

"I imagined there was some grand plan, tucked away in a drawer. But if any such document existed, nobody seemed to know about it. Gordon was simply making it up as he went along."

We know, Peter, we fucking know. Most of us have known - or at least suspected - all of this for a long, long time. The man's an idiot.

In spite of that, most recent polls show that fully 30% of the population intend to vote for Labour at the next election. Thirty fucking percent. Dear God.

And given Gordo's statement yesterday - that he would carry on for a full term as PM if Labour won - those people are voting for the one-eyed son of the Manse to stay in number 10 for five more years.

30% of the country want 5 more years of Gordon? Of this?

What. The. Fuck?



fourmenterian said...

Being charitable, the promise to serve a full term may be symptomatic of the PM's state of health.

Anonymous said...

No compassioante electorate should allow the PM to unravel in public...

Jill said...

God knows, I won't be voting Labour, but who will YOU be voting for, CF? And why? What do you think the people you vote for will do that is in any way better should they win? And had the people you will be voting for won the last election, how different a position do you think we would find ourselves in now?

Haven't you noticed we're basically a one party state?

I'm getting so tired of sound and fury everywhere when all we're actually arguing over is the colour of the country's curtains.

Constantly Furious said...

I don't buy that, Jill. Replacing Blair with Cameron a couple of years, yeah, very little difference.

But with the idiot Brown and his mindless, self-serving acolytes, literally anything would be better.

Historians will look back and wonder what the fuck was going on for the last decade, and why we put up with it.

You may not like CallMeDave much - I don't either - but I can't see he'll fuck us up as badly as Gordon and the gang have.

Least worst option...

Captain Haddock said...

"30% of the country want 5 more years of Gordon? Of this?

What. The. Fuck" ? ..

Reminds me of the kind of intellect normally associated with Lemmings .. God help us ....

Anna, you're right .. but in Brown's case we should be actively assisting the unravelling process ..

Each and every one of us, doing our bit to bring him down .. for the long-term good of the Country and the sanity of the majority ..

Jill said...

Really? Ok. Fascinating!

I do think much of it is frippery though. Both parties would have bankrupted us by the roulette wheel of the banking system and by waging war (and killing our own bloody citizens, let alone those nasty foreigners that don't count unless as bogeymen anyway).

I mean, if we are talking pantone shades of grey, I suppose even I think Cameron is a marginally better option (mostly because of NuLab's petty authoritarianisms), but um... really, do you truly truly TRULY think it's enough to get constantly furious over, CF? My constant fury is over the lack of a real alternative.

Furor Teutonicus said...

"30% of the country want 5 more years of Gordon?

Isn't 30% enough to theoretically give the half blind, mad chuchter cunt a working majority?

Captain Haddock said...

I agree Jill .. the lack of a credible alternative to either Brown or Cameron is a pain ..

I'd personally vote for anyone who A) isn't a socialist .. & B) will give me back my Country ..

I'm an authoritarian by nature (hardly surprising being Ex Forces) but this lot have kicked the arse out of it, with .. as you say petty-fogging & pointless legislation and restrictions on people's lives ..

I suspect that the 30% who claim they will actually vote Labour are the 30% who live in the traditional, hard-line Socialist spawning-grounds & who'd not hesitate to vote for a dog turd, if it was wearing a red rosette ..

Anonymous said...


Do you think that the Cameroid will whole dismantle the ZaNuLab web of people controls?

I don't think so. I think he will do a "lets get this all in perspective, trust me" PR blitz and then do sweet FA.

He will assume the fabric of these controls and turn the to his advantage.

He is after all a career, no commitment, second hand car salesmen type of politician. I n fact just like Tony Blair.

Jill said...

Huzzah! Captain and I agree upon something! My husband is ex-army btw - NI and Falklands vet. He's all for civil liberties though.

Bugger - no of course I don't. Civil liberties are hard won and very difficult to get back once they are lost. The whole thrust of my posts here is simply me trying to say there's no point in hanging out the bunting when Brown goes since it will simply be another clone replacing him in Cameron. However, as I said, if we are talking miniscule differences, then I would say - to use Captain's term - the pettyfogging minor authoritarianisms would probably be less (perhaps not just more, but you know what I mean).

My priorities for this election? I'd vote for any party that gave us habeas corpus back and got government out of the judiciary. Second, full employment, what with being a leftie an' all. I've got a bubbling but only half-formed theory in the back of my mind that equates today's much-maligned benefits-dependent underclass with being the children of those cast onto the dung heap under Thatcher. It could be complete bollocks, but I'm going to investigate the research one of these days when I've earned enough shillings to spare a few hours and am not wasting so much time hogging the comments section of poor CF's blog!

Anonymous said...


Look ni further than the (former) industrialised West of Scotland for your lab.

Leaving aside the argument about who did what to whom and thus whose fault it was, there was a manufacturing economy there once whose total destruction was overseen by Thatcher. She did sweet FA to alleviate the effects except suck out the oil from the North Sea as fast as she could to finance the M25, the Channel Tunnel and prepare the way for the big bang in the City.

She was so against public ownership that she flogged off the British National Oil Corporation thereby ensuring that any oil taken from the North Sea was by way of concession and royalty, not investment and sale, unlike Norway. The big oil companies quickly funded the cash flow to jump start her UK economy and the royalties trickled in to the South. She didn't need Scottish votes and didn't give a shit about Scotland except for the oil which she and subsequent Governments conspired to minimise in economic significance, publicly that is.

Back to the West of Scotland. The people retreated to the only party they thought would speak up for them, the Labour Party. They were betrayed.

So now we have near third generation benefit "spongers" or really people who have had the shit kicked to much out of the that they a punch drunk. They belong at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy on a permanent and institutionalised basis.

I know, because I got out. I did so before ZanuLab fucked up our education system like they have done to to England.

Jill said...

Bugger - thanks. I would have begun with the mining communities since I was involved in the strike and am still in contact with quite a few people from those days.

I'm sitting here thinking what it is that is making me as constantly furious as CF - and I am. I think it is that the events of the last ten years - and I do see NuLab as highly (but not solely) culpable - is how horribly the limits of representative democracy have been exposed. We've had a party in power that has largely acted against the interests of its core vote (which isn't good even if you aren't part of and disagree with the core vote), fought a war which went against overwhelming public opinion, and put our entire economy in the hands of one aspect of the private sector - certainly outwith government control, and we've lost huge and vital chunks of our civil liberties, all without consent.

I think I would like the debate to be about that; not about party politics. Which is probably why I find the likes of Dan Hannan interesting (but am not always in agreement) and this Brown vs Cameron tosh so utterly pointless and dull.

Anonymous said...


Do you want to have my babies?

nbc said...

Here we go again, 'twas all Maggie's fault.

I would suggest that you have a look at what happened in the decade prior to 1979 and consider the policies, actions and demands of the unions and the Govt's responses, it was these two that effectively bankrupted this country.

Furor Teutonicus said...

I presume if your name is anything to go by, there MAY be some difficulties in that area.

Trooper Thompson said...


I totally share your feelings. It is difficult to imagine a worse government than the one we have, but Cameron's mob will be hardly any better at all. The only thing that weighs in their favour is that they say they'll scrap the ID card, but who can believe a word they say on that? The tories will not change the direction we're heading in. They will not address the fundamental question of national sovereignty, and with this latter being quietly and methodically dismantled, nothing else really matters, because the politicians we elect will have no say in the laws of the country, the laws will be decided at showcase international conferences, like Copenhagen wanted to be.

If the tories do get in, we'll get to enjoy Labour getting stuffed, and watching Gordon Brown carried out of Downing Street in a straight jacket, but then what?

I fear a tory victory, and the period of grace that incoming governments get, will allow the grand project of destroying our nation state to proceed faster than ever. It'll be like the nation taking another line of speed to feel good and keep going in the short term.

We must make ourselves far more difficult to be governed. Freedom is when the government fear the people.