Snow excuse

One thing that has characterised the recent bitter, freezing winters we are having (a symptom, no doubt, of global warming) is the increasing willingness of the population to bravely face up to the challenge of weather conditions by remaining beneath their grubby duvets for most of January.

Teachers, who already enjoy more holidays than a Jamaican snowplough operative, are among the worst offenders.

At the first sign of a snowflake, the local radio station stops playing Lady Gaga's latest, and starts broadcasting long lists of the endless schools that are closed, or about to close, or will be suspending operations until the fields are white with daisies.

This is of course a royal pain in the arse for those parents who have been good enough to go to work.

Now they have to leave work, and scurry to collect their children in the middle of the day.

Nicola Wilkin was one such mother: she got a telephone call at work from Monkfield Park primary school, Cambourne telling her it was shutting – and asking her to come at once to pick up her two children.

She was a bit surprised and rather pissed off, since by her estimation "only about a centimetre" of snow had fallen locally.

She was even more pissed off because she was a teacher herself, at another school a few miles up the road, which had seen no necessity to throw in the towel having seen a centimetre of fucking snow.

Not only that, but she was actually teaching a class herself when the urgent call came through, and had to abandon them so as to 'rescue' her own kids.

After she had fought her way through the raging, arctic blizzard, wolves snapping at her heels..

"..there was only about a centimetre of snow on the ground, but someone at the school said it was closing because of the "treacherous" road conditions."

What the fuck?

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council said the closure of the primary school was made by the head teacher in view of the weather conditions. So not you then, you timid weasel? No:

"In such circumstances, it is not the responsibility of the county council to close schools – it is each individual head teacher’s decision alone to do that if they feel it is necessary."

Well done that Headmaster. You summoned parents, including other teachers, away from their jobs, just so you and your fucking Hobnob-munching staff wouldn't have to do yours.

Looking forward to half-term? If the snow carries on much longer, you might get there without having to bother open your fucking school at all.



Anonymous said...

No fan of state education or the chimp-trainers they employ as childminders, but I wonder how much of this is rose-tinted spectacles? When I was at school thirty odd years ago, they used to close down every winter, usually because the heating was so crap and always needed spare parts in the mail from Germany or something.

Are schools more likely to close these days, or is it just that we notice it more now because it means looking after the offspring, rather than the day of snowballing it meant in our youth?

Brew Wales said...

Back in '81ish we had heavy snow for weeks. School was still open and we walked there and back everyday. Of course back in those days our parents bought their children warm coats to wear. Don't see many kids that well wrapped up nowadays, parents skimping on winter coats because they believe in global warming?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I've been amazed that my daughter's school hasn't been closed yet. Normally a white layer on a tree anywhere in the country is enough for the nancy-boy.

JuliaM said...

I think it's a sign of just how fed up everyone is that they take any opportunity to have a day off.

Maybe the people who bang on about the 'long work hours culture' in this country have something after all?

JuliaM said...

Oh, wait! Scratch that, I've just found out Johann Hari is one of those.

Whatever he says is bound to be wrong!

Jill said...

What tool8 said. When I were a lass our 'huts' (prefabs) virtually fell apart in the snow and the heating in the main school building always broke. We went home just as often. The difference was that more mothers were at home to do the nannying and those that weren't (my mum was at Penguin Books 9am-3pm term time only!) just went to a neighbours. We all had extra aunties then, didn't we? I could choose from Auntie Beryl, Auntie Maureen, Auntie Evelyn, Auntie Yvonne or Auntie Maggie. You reported in, then got sent to the park to play.

My kids are off because Devon County Council decided to suspend all school buses. Since their school is 60% bussed kids, the head shut the whole thing. We're snowed in anyway - can't get out of the village at all.

But never fear CF - at least the kids can work these days. We went to the park. Mine - because I am the mother from hell - have to do two hours on their e-books on the school website before they're allowed out sledging. They hate me.

Fish said...

Dont forget the "risk" to the school being sued by parents of kid who slipped over in the snow and ice...

quickly remedied when i was at school 10 years ago by banning kids from going outside!

I doubt there would be much of a problem if there where enough gritters and grit to go around, but apparently 20+ years comparatively mild weather has lulled her majesties government into a false sense of security

Captain Haddock said...

When I was at school in the 50's & early 60's, my Primary school was steam heated (one elderly caretaker shovelling coke like his life depended on it) & yes .. we had Pre-fabs too (they had pot-bellied coke stoves) .. Yet my school never closed and believe it or not, Winters were harsher in my native Yorkshire in the 50's & 60's ..

My Secondary school was a more modern building but it too never closed for snow .. Woe betide you if you tried that little stunt on !! .. "Jumbo" Mitchell (the Head) would have had yer cojones for kebabs ..

Someone mentioned winter coats .. Yep, I remember when kids got a new coat each winter, often if parent were a little financially "stretched" Grandparents would do the honours ..

The problem is that we've become a nation of namby-pamby, spoon-fed, arse-covering wimps .. and sadly, without a massive change of mind-set, I don't see things getting any better ..

Anonymous said...

And, of course, nobody ever wears a vest these days!

john1411 said...

I love cold winter with snow. A winter without snow is not a winter.

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm happy for the kids. School is largely bollocks, and when I was at school it was our collective hope and prayer that the boiler would break down and the school would be forced to shut down.

AS-J said...

Teachers can be a bit fluffy but why do you perpetuate the myth that they are always on holiday? They put a lot more work into preparing their work than you do coming up with original arguments. All pretty rich coming from someone who blogs and twitters at work and spent Thursday afternoon watching the cricket while on a conference call. Some of us work ALL day.

Anonymous said...

This posting is too one-sided - we live in a society where most parents will find an excuse to sue at the drop of a hat never mind their glorious little precious being damaged by a lump of ice thrown at them in the school play ground. Teachers take far too much responsibility for the inadequacies of some sections of society as it is! In a culture of litigation they would be stupid to put themselves out on a limb.

Anonymous said...

Our schools are full of stupid whinning wimen and nancy men. No wonder our country is bringing up a nation of soft bastards.
Lazy cunts !

Anonymous said...

Stop talking shite about a "culture of litigation" soft boy. How many of thee scare stories actually get as far as a "successfull" Court case. Precious fucking few, its all paranoia from the soft cunts running the public services.

Usually its some halfwitted pish Lawyer employed by the Council who gives this so called advice. If they were any good they wouldnt be working for the Council I'll tell you that much.

Fuck them.

Captain Haddock said...

The so-called "Culture of Litigation" can be firmly laid at the door of failed Lawyers, turned Politicians .. keen to keep their former mates in work .. in the forlorn hope of being able to return someday, probably in a "consultative" capacity ..

The whole "Ambulance-chasing" ethos has, along with much of what's wrong with Britain today .. been imported wholesale from across the Atlantic ..

It all fits together rather nicely & conveniently with the "Dependency" culture so beloved of Left wing Governments ..

The sooner the Left become a thing of the past .. the sooner sanity might, just might make a welcome return ..

The Young Oligarch said...

If these lazy teachers were lying in bed all day , who sent the little darlings home ?

It must have been someone .

Lion of England said...

Clapped out Braitain,being run by clapped out Nu laberists,and clapped out

aljons said...

Apologies to have a moan, but why is such nasty objectionable language so rife in some of these comments.

This does not make people look big, in fact it has the opposite effect and shows their ignorance.
Like kids in a school playground.
You can surely get your views across without such foul language.

Some people are very moody,
and are so aggressive.

Very much appreciate those comments where the choice of words is more honourable, give credit where credit is due.

As for the snow, people that live nearer their jobs, and not 8 miles down the road are fortunate, but if there are no trains no buses, you cannot afford a 4x4, the roads are very treacherous because the gritters havent been out or run out, how are you expected to get to work.

Thank you very much.