A difficult month

Here we go. 2010. Back to the alarm clock, back to the commute, back to the office. Ugh.

CF will be particularly irritated throughout January, for several reasons.

The first is that our woeful, wicked, why-won't-they-fuck-off, government seem to have decided, while still not giving an actual date for the election, that the election campaign has begun.

So for the next few weeks, there won't even be a feeble pretence at running the country or announcing new policy.

No, all we can expect to hear from the Labour party - the politicians that are supposed to be working for us , clearing up the fucking mess - is an endless series of negative announcements; wall-to-wall bullshit; lies and distortions about what another party might do if they got into power, and why that would be so much worse than what this bunch of flailing imbeciles has done for the last 13 years.

Another reason is that - thanks no doubt to the inexorable rise of global fucking warming - the entire country appears to be frozen solid. The pavements are ice-rinks, the car has to be chisellled from the drive each morning and the roads are jammed with cretins crawling at 15 miles per hour because they heard on local radio that it might snow next week.

But the main, the overriding, reason for irritation is that CF will spend January labouring under a self-inflicted alcohol ban. A whole month without the crutch that is booze. No escape into stupor.

It's going to be a long, dark, wintery month.
OK, let's get on with it....



Jill said...

Well, I dunno, didn't they announce another new war yesterday? Super.

I work at home. Ner ner di ner ner.

I have given up (don't larf, it's the truth) Branston flavour Mini Cheddars. The addiction was reaching danger levels.

JuliaM said...

"Here we go. 2010. Back to the alarm clock, back to the commute, back to the office. Ugh."

Ugh indeed. That's why I put it off until tomorrow.. ;)

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

HNY to you too CF!

I hate to rub it in - as with Jill, I too work from home (custom office with a server room keeping me warm through the chilly winter!)

However, there will be no banning of the booze for Beware of Geeks. I failed to make any impact on liver #1 last year, and only once had to use the backup liver #2, so I'm upping the ante this year.

Here's to an interesting blogging year! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Start to worry if Brown announces an election before the final deadline because that will mean he, and his conniving weaselly handlers see some advantage by going early. As things stand, its business as usual, a rudderless drift to a May/June election followed by total electoral wipeout.

Show some ingenuity with your other problems. The coil and exhaust both failed on my car when the bad weather started in mid December so I have delayed the repairs and instead cynically and ruthlessly exploited my kids to chauffeur me around, but I still have some vestige of decency. I bought them each a scraper and a can of de-icer for Christmas.

Northampton Saint said...

if you're going to quit booze for a month, do it it Feb, it's shorter

mungle said...

I knew it would end in tears if Jonah went to Copenhagen. But of course he had to go and save the world didn't he? Coldest conditions for thirty years. Well done Jonah.

AdamJacobson said...

why give up alcohol in January; it's the month when you need it most. Give up sth else instead-meat for example...

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

I'm on a dry January as well - not been too hard so far although nt much temptation has been dangled in front of me as yet.

It will be worth it - think of it as getting yourself into credit so you can have a really good piss up once those worthless shits in Nu Lab get the bullet in the spring.