Jumping on the Apple bandwagon

Normally when The Great Lord Jobs of the Mighty Apple is kind enough to announce a new product for us mere mortals to aspire to, there is universal praise.

Usually followed by massive sales, as every single adult in the Western world leaps onto the bandwagon.

This time, however, with the launch of the woeful, pointless and cumbersome iPad, the general response has been to take the piss. Now that's a bandwagon CF is happy to jump on. Take this, which has gone viral today:

Love the dancing. And this was made before King Steve even thought of the name iPad. Ha!



Captain Haddock said...

And the point of this contraption being ???

I've managed to reach the ripe old age of 60 with a Mobile phone (which I use to make & recieve calls & texts) .. A Landline (calls only).. and a Desktop PC ..

WTF would I need one of these things for ? ..

"Fools and their money are soon parted" .. as my old granny was oft wont to say ..

Joe Public said...

Now the subject of b3ta's weekly challenge..


Anonymous said...

Captain Haddock

"WTF would I need one of these things for ? "

Hope this quote aint going tto come back and haunt you mate : )

Jill said...

Why is it so woeful?

Nighttrain2011 said...

CF, I remember selling computers years ago at a rather large retailer. At the time we 'knew' no one would ever need more than a 750mhz machine. When iPhones were first released the talk was who would ever need one of those? As an Apple fan, I'll admit even I'm disappointed (very) in the iPad. But give it a product generation or two. Couple tweaks, add a camera, multitasking, etc and it may be as inseparable as the iPhone is to many today.