Hypocritical Hattie

Harriet 'Hattie' Harman is an ambitious and well-connected woman.

She's wormed her way to the top of the dung-heap that is New Labour, and is to be the 'face' of the party for the already-started 2010 election campaign.

And with her smug, patronising, well-fed face, she seems ideal for the role.

Doubtless she'll be deploying every weapon in Labour's nasty little armory to smear the opposition, to lie about others' intentions.

One of the weapons already wheeled onto the battlefield has been the clumsy and unsubtle 'class war' approach: you know, the one that says that because some Tory politicians were born to parents wealthy enough to send them to private schools, we should all vote Labour. That one.

In spite of being educated at one of the very finest private schools herself, Hattie has clearly been itching to deploy this desperate piece of spin, and yesterday, when Boris Johnson announced fare increases for public transport in London, she saw her chance.

Ms. Harperson, writing in last night's Evening Standard, claimed - with a straight face - that these increases were:

"..Fare increases for hard-working Londoners, tax cuts for the richest"

Oh really? Fucking really? Notice how the 'hard working' phrase is slipped in there. Presumably the lazy Londoners will be allowed to pay reduced fare, will they Hattie? Or is that just a little dog whistle, a little coded message for us?

And what about the 'tax cuts for the richest', Harriet? Do you mean Johnson's decison not to charge 4x4's extra on the Congestion Charge? Is that your idea of a tax cut for 'the richest' then?

Anyone that drives a 4x4 is among 'the richest', and anyone that rides on a bus is a 'hardworking Londoner', are they?

Oooh, thanks for making the politics of envy so very, very simple Harriet.

Are you a 'hardworking Londoner', Hattie? When did you last ride on a bus? (Although of course, you might have to soon, if you actually get the driving ban you so richly deserve for crashing a car while using illegally a mobile phone, eh?)

And, then of course, Hattie spins further, further, higher, higher and states that:

"What [Johnson] does in squeezing the London farepayer today is what Cameron plans for the country were he to win the general election."

Oh for fuck's sake. Desperate, Hattie? How did you get that idea, sweetheart?

"The reason for the fare increases is Johnson and his disastrous Tory priorities.."

Oh, is it? Is it fucking really, Hattie?

So it's not because the newt-fancying piss-head pinko Ken Livingstone pissed millions up the wall while Blair ignored him, then?

It's not because of the monstrous fuck-ups in the PPP scheme a couple of years ago, then?

As the Standard's own editorial points out:

"..the collapse of the failed Metronet consortium in 2007, part of the PPP scheme, has put huge pressure on Transport for London finances. And the architect of PPP was Gordon Brown, when he was Chancellor"
Oh. Oh dear, Harriet. Did you know that, love? Of course you fucking did.

You just thought the we'd be too stupid to rememember that, and that we'd swallow your little 'Boris is a wicked toff' spin without question.

The Standard editorial concludes with a little reminder for hypocritical Hattie:

"Ms Harman should examine Labour's own record on London's transport system before attacking Boris"

That's quite a polite message to 'Ms Harman' ; CF has an alternative, pithier version:

Shut the fuck up, you silly bitch.



banned said...

Don't be too harsh on the old harridan CF, she might run away and cry when really she would do most good by maxing on the oxygen of publicity given to her by the press, instead of Ghastly Gordon. She can spout on a much as she likes about diversity and fucking equality for lazy cunts; that will piss off the rump of Labours 'core vote' very nicely.

Pam Nash said...

That picture of Harperson is a bit flattering - couldn't you find another one? ;)

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

Most of the comments in the Standard are pretty scathing.

It would be perfect: Harridan banned from driving (although she'd take a taxi everywhere on taxpayers cash - need to check those taxi receipts) and then kicked out and being forced to rough it with the proles.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Harriet 'Hattie' Harman is an ambitious and well-connected woman.

Pity it was not "connected" via a hair dryer and her in a bath full of water.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that supposed to be Digital Low-Carbon Hard Working Londoners?

opsimath said...

My Mum always used to say 'If you've got something to say, say it.'

I can't understand why you're so equivocal, CF!

Nice post - thanks - and have a good 2010 - and watch your blood-pressure - we don't want to lose you!

Anonymous said...

Harriet is Labour's smear master generator. Proof? The writing is on the wall.

The minimum debate on the Equality bill shows how scared she is of criticism. I'm sure Boris is shaking so very, very much in fear by her remarks.

When Harm Man goes, I will giggle like a ghoul standing upon a grave.

English Pensioner said...

Let her rant on.
The impression I get is that she has very little real female support, even among "Hard-working Londoners" as many women are starting to wonder whether they really want her view of female rights, and if they had them, would they end up like her.
And Boris is more than capable of fending for himself!

Anonymous said...

It i now clear that following that awful "lets give Gordon a big Hug" meeting that was hastily arranged in the summer In Londons East end by Mandleson, Following multiple resignations from the cabinet, that Harperson was offered the leadership if she turned out to support Gordon at this event. The sight of her and Mandleson sitting behind Brown wand giving him their unquestioning Loyalty puzzled some at th time. Not any more. Mandleson wanted Lisburn and Hattie wanted this.

They will still loose cause they are shite.

Anonymous said...

What else can they fight on other than the politics of envy? Their record?

Irritating I know but it smacks of desperation.

SpiteK said...

You credit the horrible bitch with too much intelligence by suggesting that she knew any of what you said and is being fatuous. She's actually so fucking stupid she believes everything she says.

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to shag her though !

Captain Haddock said...

Anon @ 19.52 ...

I wouldn't shag her with the brass-shod end of my old Pace Stick ...