There's a little tool on the interwebs, ideal for those with unquenchable curiosity who may well spend hours wondering 'How many people share my name?'  Or, in fact, to be more accurate 'How many people in the US of A, which is after all the centre of the universe and the only country that really exists, share my name?'

Naturally, CF was unable to resist:

Totally unique! Hardly a huge surprise.

Pleasing that 113 people seem to have the surname 'Furious', and just a little fucking bizarre that over 1,500 hundred people would look up if you were to shout 'Oi, Constantly' in a MacDonalds on a Saturday afternoon.

(hat tip to many, via DK)


Lee Griffin said...

Hmm, it seems to say "fewer than 1542" even if you put in gobbldygook

Jill said...

www.yournotme.com for the UK - it only does electoral roll though, whereas I think the Yank one includes under 18s? It makes up for that with some funny trivia. If you want to search surnames/first names you can, but you have to do it separately. If you're anally retentive, you can add under 18s in England & Wales (not Scotland & NI) by going to www.findmypast.com and entering the relevant years.

Jill said...

Oh! You might also like this while you are playing: http://www.nationaltrustnames.org.uk/Surnames.aspx