Compulsive viewing

What fun! The Iraq inquiry is set to have its busiest week yet:

Monday Jonathan Powell, Prime Minister’s chief of staff, 2001-07. Key involvement in planning for invasion and occupation

Tuesday Geoff Hoon, Defence Secretary, 2001-05. Accused of ordering military chiefs to delay preparations for invasion, and failing to secure funding

Wednesday Sir David Omand, Permanent Secretary Security and Intelligence Co-ordinator, 2002-05. Oversaw intelligence on Iraq’s weapons

Thursday Jack Straw. Foreign Secretary, 2001-06, now Justice Secretary. Key player in persuading MPs to send troops to support US-led invasion

Friday Sir Suma Chakrabarti, Permanent Secretary at the Department for International Development, 2002-07

Friday Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Permanent Secretary at Treasury, 2006-09. Did Government provide sufficient funds for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan?

A grand mix of those who'll be lying to protect their arses, and those who'll be telling the truth - for the first time - to protect their arses.

And a small chance - sadly a very small chance - that we'll finally hear some vital piece of evidence that will knock Saint Tony off his perch.

Make sure you've got plenty of popcorn.



banned said...

Radio set to BBC Radio 4 for the week.
It will be interesting to see past the propaganda and into the lies.

Captain Haddock said...

I'd love to think that enquiry this might nail B'liar once & for all .. but realistically, I don't think its gonna happen .. unfortunately ..

killemallletgodsortemout said...

My lovely wife walked into the kitchen yesterday and said to me,

"I think they've convicted Alistair Campbell, and they're going to hang him.

That should stop you shouting at the television for a while."

Wrong Ali, but what a lovely thought.