Hypocrisy? That's Balls

CF is very busy today, so no time for a protracted rant.

However, an hour or so ago, CF caught a snatch of the news on Radio 4.

Apparently, Ed 'Blinky' Balls doesn't like CallMeDave's proposals around taxation for married couples and has accused him of "Social Engineering".

What the fuck?

Would that be Ed 'Bully' Balls of the NuLabour Party?

The most tinkering, interfering and - yes - engineering party ever to govern this unfortunate country?

Ed Balls of the party that always knows exactly how we should all live our lives, and has been ceaselessly legislating for 12 fucking years to ensure that we all do as we're told?

It is?

Now that's pretty fucking rich...



opsimath said...

Matthew 7:3 - 5 has it about right, I think.


mungle said...

It's hard to tell whether they are insane or hard faced piss takers? Has to be one or the other.

opinion prole said...

They are just desperate. On death row with four months to live. Labour hypocrites will say ANYTHING to con the stupid, their only remaining supporters. Oh, except the non-working class of course. Just ignore them. Tell them to fuck off and stop bothering us, and in time they will go away.
Now start worrying about what the next lot will do.

Jill said...

Balls is um... bollocks, isn't he? Guffaw.

Still, bears out my usual mantra: this entire election campaign will be based on two parties arguing over who has the most right to a particular one of many identical policies.

Representative democracy: so refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Labour is now the 'Megrahi' party. They should be released on compassionate grounds as they will be dead in 4 months.
Time for an election.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Ed Balls - a Hoon among Hoons

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Yes, Whattock hunt.

Spat my coffee out when I heard that Balls accused others of social engineering - from a prick from a party that has admitted to forcing mutli-culti on us.

Unknown said...

Why not email Ballsy and tell him what you really think about his party's Social Engineering ways, I just have, about that Social Engineering event called The Smoking Ban Experiment: Ballse@parliament.uk