A lot of Honeyballs on race

Dear God, Mary Honeyball is an annoying woman. On her infuriatingly smug and sanctimonious blog, the Labour MEP for London drivels on about an event she recently attended, where the even-more-infuriating Hattie Harman was sharing her wisdom. And, of course, Mary just loved her speech:

"One passage from her speech is worth highlighting. Harriet talked warmly about Dawn Butler’s ... Harriet mentioned that there are two million black women in the UK. With only Diane Abbott and Dawn that means they represent 1 million black women each"

Of course, no Labour speech, policy or soundbite can go without a dig at the opposition:

"It is a sad failing of the opposition parties that only Labour has black women MPs. The Liberal Democrats have a shockingly bad record on this and there is not even a hint of any black or ethnic minority candidate getting a sniff of a safe or currently held seat."

So black women are only represented by 2 MP's, are they? Both Labour. Hurrah for Labour. Boo to the other parties, who obviously don't represent wimmin of colour at all.

Why the fuck do you, Mary, think that black women can only be fairly represented in Government - or indeed anywhere - by other black women? What's that all about?

Why could it only be a black, female MP who could understand and convey the needs of this part of the population?

Are you saying that an Asian man just could not understand what it is that a black woman might want, need or demand from the Government? Are you?

Do you think that a white woman would not be able to speak up on a behalf of a black one? Are you implying that you, yourself, Mary - a hideously white woman - can't really get a grip on the issues that black women in Britain face in 2010?

What is it, Mary? Are you unconciously racist youself?

Or are you just thick?



Joe Public said...


"So how many wimmin-of-colour MP's should there be, proportionally? What's 3 and a bit per cent of the 646 MP's? Well, gosh, it's 2."

Care to revisit your calculator??

I suggest rapidly, before your blog gets repeated everywhere.

Giles Bradshaw said...

a bit% of 600 is about 20 :)

Dippyness. said...

I feel like having a huge sign above my head saying.. "Just 'cos I'm female, kindly do not associate me with any Labour females!"
Hattie & her band of hobby socialist female luvvies, are the worst thing that has happened to the female cause since pre-1914!
They're a bunch of sexist wannabe's who can't make the grade without being given extra help!

Giles Bradshaw said...

Never the less its a little silly to say that dianne abbot only represents black women and that someone who isn;t a black woman doesnt represent black women which I guess is the point

Old Holborn said...

Let's ask her to resign so Labour can select a black candidate instead

Constantly Furious said...

Yup, the maths was shite. History has duly been re-arranged.

Captain Haddock said...

Here we go again with yet another of mad Hattie's "wars" .. if its not Class war, its Race war ..

The woman (and her supporters) talk constant bollocks ..

In fact Hattie is a wonderful Testiculator .. She talks bollocks, whilst waving her arms about ..

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Around a quarter of the population are children. So how many child MPs should we have?

The Scots are less than ten percent of the population. How many Scottish ministers have we had?

Clue - disproportionate representation is only a problem when its not going your way.

Joe Public said...

One sector where there's probably a proportional over-representaion in Parliament is "Criminals"

Middle Seaxe said...

Reading the patronising tone of these people, you could be forgiven for wondering if they'd ever actually met any black folks.

Still, that's politicians for you I suppose. Useless feckwits trying to justify their enormous salaries.

mungle said...

Good point Mary. I take it that at the next euro elections you will be standing down in favour of a black candidate? Or are you exempt from "positive discrimination"?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Try commenting on her blog, CF. It's a right laugh. Been kicking her for a while now and no matter how polite the post, it's consigned to the round filing cabinet. And the hideous waste of taxpayers' money is supposed to be representing me in Brussels.

It's richly rewarding, as you can say what you like, know she reads it, and that she is scared of your opinion.

Typical Labour fucknugget.

Uncle Marvo said...

Perhaps she can't be represented by anyone other than herself.

I don't think I can.

I certainly am not represented by any of the babbling buffons currently at the top of the trough, especially dour ones from Kirkcaldy, or whatever the godforsaken place is called.