TUC : Thieving Union C***s

Why is the TUC receiving taxpayers’ money intended to promote economic development in poor countries?

The International Policy Network has discovered that the TUC have been dipping their sticky fingers into pots they shouldn't have.

According to their report, between 2003 and 2006 the Trades Union Congress received over £1.2 million in taxpayers' money ostensibly intended for promoting development in poor countries. A significant amount of this money - which came from the UK Department for International Development (an entity created by the Labour Party in 1997) - was spent in the UK on activities that "do not seem to have yielded any practical benefit to the poor either inside or outside of Britain"

Subsequently, IPN discovered that the TUC was recently granted a further £2.4 million by DfID for the period 2009 - 2011.

The new support to the TUC comes from funds intended for large international development NGOs with a track record in poor countries. It’s unclear why this trend has been broken to fund a British trades union.

To make matters worse, unions that are members of the TUC represent over half the funding of the Labour Party. Since the DfID grants to the TUC come with few constraints, it is possible that DfID's money could essentially substitute for money that would otherwise come from member unions - freeing them up to give more to the Labour Party.

Julian Harris, Research Fellow at IPN and co-author of the report said,

"This would appear to be a grotesque abuse of taxpayer funds. Not only is the money not going towards promoting economic development in poor countries - it is going to a group whose members have close political and financial ties to the Labour Party."

Fucking right, Julian.

And before you start bleating about Tory dirty tricks, he also added..

"We should make clear that IPN is non-partisan and this research was never intended to have a party bias. Had we uncovered instances of the DfID funding groups with links to the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats - or should we do so in the future - we would not hesitate to raise similar concerns."

So, TUC - and indeed, the TUC's bitch, the Labour party - what do you to say to that?



Ashtrayhead said...

This is what really grips my shit about the whole abuse of taxpayers money! I'm not, and never have been and can't afford to be, a socialist for precisely this reason, but I'm indirectly supporting this thieving bunch of incompetents via my taxes and I don't even have a say on the matter.
I'm not even poor enough (yet) to get a free laptop.

Old Holborn said...

I've forwarded the report to the serious fraud office

Do the same


Anonymous said...

How do you even begin to express in words how loathsome these bastards are?

How do these socialist cunts continue to go down in everyone's estimation? I'm fucked if I know, but, incredibly they seem to be able to continue to do so.

Day in and day out. It really is quite remarkable.

What next I wonder? I feel a strange mixture of dread and fascination as to what it'll be.

Fucking hell!

JuliaM said...

It's utterly indefensible.

But I bet somewhere there's a NuLab drone beavering away on blogs and forums slavishly defending it...

Mark said...

£1.2? £1.20?

Anonymous said...

I hope this gross and cynical abuse finds its way to the MSM and is extensively reported on.

Captain Haddock said...

It doesn't surprise me in the least ..

Socialists .. Liars, cheats, thieves .. all of them ..

Matthew Hopkins said...

It's no different from the Union Modernisation Fund, which pours cash into the workshy lazy fuckers, only so they can divert their own cash back to labour. Any other company this would be fraud. Labour are desperate since no-one would willingly give them money.

Captain Haddock said...

One wonders just how long this cosy little arrangement has been going on for ?

Its not something they've just thought up .. that's for sure ..

JohnRS said...

TUC = Thieving Union Comrades

John Pickworth said...

"It's no different from the Union Modernisation Fund..."

Yeah, about that? Half expected to have seen someone resigning from the Government at the very least... in jail would have been better.

How the hell do they get away with fraud at this level?

I hope when the next lot get in (whoever they are) these matters are thoroughly investigated and if necessary former Government ministers held to account... and jailed would be good too.

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