You won't budge the bastard, you Hoonwitts

Apparently, a comedy duo from the nineties has reformed, temporarily, to draw everyone's attention to the plight of an ancient institution.

Yes, they're worried that a venerable old construction, the Labour party, is falling down, with severe rot in the rafters, and terrible decay in the foundations.

So they've got back together, one last time.That's right, it's the Hewitt 'n' Hoon Show. Right here, on your TV.

Stifling their chuckles, the comic duo have suggested that the Labour Party hold a secret ballot to decide whether or not to carry on with the risible one-eyed fuckwit currently at the helm.

There are only two small problems with this idea.

Firstly, Patsy and Geoff are both risible fuckwits themselves. So the chances of anyone - other than the usual suspects, Field and Clarke - going along with this fucking charade are virtually zero.

Secondly, why the fuck would you think, Geoff 'n' Pat, that the choice of the leader of the Labour party is anything to do with the elected MP's of the Labour Party?

Oh no. The Labour party is run by the High Lord Mandelson. If he is otherwise occupied, Ed Balls will take the helm. If he too is busy, Hattie Harman wears the captain's hat. Meanwhile, Gordo is round the back, safely sedated.

The though that anyone cares what the actual MP's think, the idea that anyone would seek their opinions us, to use number 10's own words, "ludicrous".

Oh dear, Patsy; oh dear Geoff.

What were you thinking?

(tip of the hat to His Grace Cranmer for the poster)


Jill said...

I do keep saying - the Labour Party couldn't muster a half-decent PTA committee, let alone a team of people capable of running the country. Sad to say, though, neither can the Tories.

I think they should bin Brown asap. So I give these two some minor credit. So there.

Labourwipeout 2010 said...

The double whammy of Labour in- fighting visible for all to see and Brown still at the Helm leading them into the Election is the Optimum set of circumstances to ensure their wipeout at the Polls.
Rubs hands with glee : )

Captain Haddock said...

"You won't budge the bastard, you Hoonwitts" ...

Laugh ? .. I nearly bought my own Beer ..

These two twats couldn't sort twins into pairs ..

Still the more damage they do to ZaNuLieBore the better ..

Furor Teutonicus said...

Aye dump the half blind drugged up sheepshaging chuchter cunt.


I want a LARGE photograph of his face when he is told! Just so I can take it out when I am in need of an hysterical laughing fit of Schadenfreud.

Much the same as that cunt Portillos face when he lost his seat at some general election or other.

Although, rumour has it that "Pretty Polly" (ASK him about it next time you meet the Spanish twat!) "lost his seat" YEARS ago.