Lies? Not Tony

CF has only just picked this one up, thanks to the eagle-eyed Mike Smithson over at

During the litany of lies from good ol' Tony B-Liar on Friday, the Telegraph was among many providing live (well, nearly-live) coverage of all the fibbing.

And, in a just-a-bit-of-fun, Snow-esque way, they added a little 'have your say meter', so that the admirinhg public could vote - in a way we never got to for the war itself - regarding whether or not Teflon Tone was telling porkies.

Here's a screenshot, taken at around 10:30 in the morning:

But, what's this? By 11:45, the meter was still there, but had undergone a bit of a change of name:

What a fucking surprise. From Lie Detector to Credibility Meter, in just over an hour. And this in spite of the fact that the public vote was clearly swinging toward 'False'.

Someone little spin-doctor in the Labour party earned their money that morning, eh?

Tip of the hat to Mike - a very good spot!
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Captain Haddock said...

Telegraph = Spineless fuckers ..

Anonymous said...

Fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

They lost their editorial cajones ages ago.

Barking Spider said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barking Spider said...

Sorry, CF, that was me deleting -

As for Chilcot allowing the fucker to grandstand at the end, when he had previously been so well boxed in - I smell another bucket of whitewash and bullshit!

caesars wife said...

nice one !

does anyone wonder when they do sort of live voting ,if they are not just detecting which soundbites people are believeing ??.

so that they can use them later.

watching the data harvesters !

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