The EU - NOT spending our money

CF has not yet blogged about the Haitian earthquake, tragedy though it is, as he has formed the opinion that blogging, tweeting and setting up endless mawkish Facebook groups will not help the poor bastards one tiny fucking bit.

However, it's interesting to see how two of the world’s superpowers are helping out.

The earthquake in Haiti naturally provoked action from the US, and from the EU. But, as Christopher Booker points out in the Telegraph, those actions were slightly different.

When the world learned of the latest disaster, within hours the US had sent in an aircraft carrier with 19 helicopters. And hospital ships. And 3,500 troops. And hundreds of medical personnel.

While all that was on its way, President Obama pledged an initial $100 million dollars in emergency aid.

And what did that other great economic and political superpower, EU,  do?

Well, they ... organised a press conference.

The dynamic and glamorous Baroness Ashton, the EU's High Representative, addressed the world's media .. well, let Booker tell it:

"A scattering of bored-looking journalists in the Commission's lavishly appointed press room heard the former head of Hertfordshire Health Authority stumbling through a prepared statement, in which she said that she had conveyed her "condolences" to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon"

Really? 'Condolences'? Wow, she's putting things right, ain't she? Don't panic folks - everything's gonna be fine - The Baroness is here. And she's got Condolences.

And the EU is not afraid to put our money where its mouth is: The Baroness also pledged three million Euros in aid.

3 million? 3 fucking, poxy million? What did Saint Barack pledge again? Was it 100 million? Yes, it was.

Guys, we all know times have been a bit tough recently, but 3 million is pretty fucking pathetic, especialyl for an organisation fucking famous for sqyuandering cash.

In fact, it's about the same as the amount sucked up in salary, expenses and pension by The Lord High Mandelson when he temporarily dabbled in European politics, before returning to concentrate his particular brand of evil manipulation on the unfortunate UK.

For fuck's sake.

And lest you think that this is some sort of temporary aberration, Mr Booker is here to disabuse you. Back in 2004, when the Tsunami hit in the Indian Ocean..

".. within hours the US took the lead in forming an alliance with Australia, India and Japan, and had sent in two battle groups fully equipped to deal with such an emergency, including 20 ships led by two carriers with 90 helicopters. President Bush immediately pledged $35 million, later rising to $350 million.

The EU, by contrast, pledged three million Euros for the tsunami victims, called for a three-minute silence .. and proposed a "donors' conference" in Jakarta nearly two weeks later to discuss what might be done."

Thank Christ it's not (yet) mandatory to be proud to be a 'European'.



Jill said...

I think - gasp - the Cubans have been most effective so far, non?

Jill said...

PS x 3:

1) Actually, I think someone needs to be in charge, regardless of dosh, and the given the collapse of the UN Mission in the quake, the US military would seem to be the key candidate, given location and GDP spending they did have a very useful aircraft carrier/potential centre of operations nearby. But, having said that, I notice they can't even keep Karzai safe in Kabul at the moment, so I'm not hoping for success or efficiency.

2) Vis a vis internet 'mawking' - well, the internet IS mawkish. More people are vapid about Z list celebs online than read political blogs. But I can't agree with you. The more thinking of other people as fellow human beings rather than collateral damage from our bombs we do the better, if you ask me.

3) OT, but since you've annoyingly reorganised your blog posts, I'm putting it here instead of on your live piece: GUFFAW! Oh, the irony. Lighter. I can't stop laughing.

Captain Haddock said...

The US can afford to chuck millions of Dollars at Haiti, besides it being in their own political interests to do so ..

We can't afford such largesse .. not when there are elderly people in this country having to scrape by ..

Charity begins & as far as I'm concerned .. ends at home ..

Captain Ranty said...

I hate to be the one to tell you CF, but you have been a dual citizen since 1st December 2009.

You will be delighted to learn that you are European first, then whatever nationality you thought you were to begin with.

Within the next three years you will be further downgraded as you lose your country of birth, and even your county.

England, Wales and NornIreland are numbered Regions 1 to 8. Scotchland is to be known as Region 9.

I'm a Region Niner. You?


banned said...

Greetings from distict 4
The UN would do well to declare Haiti a Protectorate so that the survivors might have something more to look forward to other than a return to the voodou riven Gangsterdom with which they are familiar.
4,000 criminals escaped from the demolished prison. How fucking bad do you have to be to go to prison in country run by crooks?

Captain Haddock said...

I reckon this & the previous entire Labour governments would qualify ..

Criminals on a massive scale .. Haiti would be proud of them ..

Anonymous said...

Harumph! Can't have the EU chucking money at darkies, don't you know?

Haitians weren't quick enough off the mark to blame the earthquake on climate change. If they had, the EU would have donated billions.

Duncan Stott said...

I never realised this blog was so influential!

EU Steps Up Aid to Haiti

EU pledges nearly €350m, diplomats will discuss military deployment.

The EU has increased its aid to Haiti to €337 million in a bid to meet the country's immediate and longer-term aid needs in the wake of last week's devastating earthquake.

The decision, which was taken at an emergency meeting of member states' development ministers in Brussels today, envisages €30m in emergency aid, including €3m pledged last week, and €107m during the early phases of the recovery process.

The EU will provide at least another €200m for long-term reconstruction...

Captain Haddock said...

Which is precisely why I hope the first touchy-feely, bleeding-heart tosser who shoves a collecting tin under my nose .. has first ensured that it has been well lubricated ..

Cos' its going straight up their dung-funnel ..

Barking Spider said...

I wonder how much bad news Labour have managed to bury in the last few days? Labour have the luck of the Devil when it comes to "natural" disasters.

banned said...

Duncan Scott, seems "our" £20m is actually just our share of the EU largesse.
That's about one Euro each, Eurowide

Anonymous said...

Appalling. But it gives us some idea of what to expect when things go tits uplater this year.
I wouldn't worryabout the EU: it won't exist as weknow it within five years.
I'd worry about the average Haitian - struggling with starvation,and the person next to them with a machete.
The Slogger

Greg said...

Your link to the Booker article seems to point at

Constantly Furious said...

So it does. Or did - it's been changed to the correct link now. Thanks for spotting it.

Chris Edwards said...

Actually Obama had a meeting about it and acted the next day, you have to go back the the hated G W Bush for an instant responce from the USA to a disaster, or this tim e Canada where the PM reacted without any meetings, dispatching real help immediately and calling in ships to take help, Obama is a failure but has the press to cover him. The UN?? kill it with all our money it could not even buld a quake proof office in a known quake zone, usual for them, still their building stood better than their climate science.