Campbell fails lie detector test

CF has been watching Alastair Campbell on television (thanks, According to the BBC's report, he's busy defending "every word" of the Iraq dossier.

That's hard to tell with the sound off (necessary at work, of course).

But there's one thing that's very easy to concentrate on, especially without sound, and that's Bad Al's body language.

In the last 10 minutes alone, CF has spotted the following:

  • AC seems a little 'stiffer', less relaxed, than a normal public appearance: his face is very still;
  • He repeatedly lifts his hand to his face, often covering his mouth;
  • Is it the TV lights, or is Al a bit paler than usual?
  • You can see Campbell's chest rsing and falling as he breathes deeply, seeming to sigh between questions;
  • His lips seem thin, and a little tighter than normal;
  • Alastair's shoulders are pulled up, and his elbows are tucked in to his sides between gesticulations;
  • He frequently looks to the left while answering questions.
So what does all of this mean? Come off it, you know what it means: these are all classic signs that the person is ... lying.

You can also see him pausing to listen to questions, then twitching, then pausing again before commencing an answer. Guess what that's a sign of? Yup.

Alastair Campbell is sitting there, in front of the committee, in front of observers, and in front of television cameras, and he's lying and lying and lying.

But then, hey, we all fucking knew he would.



Jill said...

Meh. Much as I agree, and spend as much time as I can farting in Campbell's general direction, I was wanting a piece from you on the banning of Islam4UK. Yes? No? Wot u fink?

Constantly Furious said...

What? You want to me to do requests? ;-)

Might well do that tomorrow..

John Pickworth said...

You see, this is why the left hates the monarchy so much...

If this was 400 or 500 years ago, this twat Campbell would have been in the tower by teatime.

And yes, you're right CF. Campbell is lying his ass off. But he's also hung Brown... excellent :-)

matthew hopkins said...

The fucking lying liar lied his lies as we knew he would. FFS Jeffrey Archer was more believable.

We knew he was lying, they knew he was lying, fuck even the questioners knew he was lying. WTF does it take for one of these fuckers to just spill a single sentence of honesty?

Cunt. Simple as. And never was it more apt.

Jill said...

Pretty please?! A domani!

Captain Haddock said...

What else can one expect ? .. the man's a "Campbell"..

There's a wheelchair-bound old soldier in my town & on the back of the chair is a sign, which reads .. "No Dogs, No Cats, No Campbells"

Alistair Campbell is incapable of telling the truth .. even if his life depended on it .. What a great pity it doesn't

banned said...

Someone on BBCR4 accused Campbell of 'dissembling', none disagreed.