Labour admits to complete lack of grit

An attempt to free the country from the terrible conditions under which it has been suffering failed last night.

Apparently, there is a complete lack of grit anywhere in the Cabinet, or indeed anywhere in the entire Labour party.

In spite of the urgent need to get rid of the grey, damp, miserable blanket that has been annoying the country for some time, no grit can be found.

Geoff Hoon and Patsy Hewitt, who had planned to finally clear the blockages that have been preventing industry from working properly, costing businesses millions and making most people thoroughly miserable, were very disappointed.

Hoon stated:

"We were told by several people that they had an ample supply of grit, and that they were very happy to help us get rid of the horrible mess . But when we actually asked them to start, they all announced that they not only had no grit, but no cojones either, and that they'd prefer to stay in bed"

Pasty Hewitt added:

"Britain has been a laughing stock for some time now - every other country manages to clear this kind of problem within a very short time, yet we've been suffering for months"

Forecasters claim the misery will probably continue until the summer of this year.



banned said...

Why don't they just shoot him?

Captain Haddock said...

I'll willingly pay for the Round(s) .. if it would help ..

Mrs Rigby said...

Have you done something to your blog settings - because only one post is showing at a time.

Lion of Enland said...

According to the the Prop BBc,Here in Germany were having a terrible time with
the weather? Funny i am not Aware of it,perhaps they have the country names mixed!. But at least in germany the country has not come to a standstill yes
they have just run out of Grit and salt
but at least they managed to clear the
Autobahns and roads and did not have to close schools down because of a bit of Snow,all thanks to Mcbroon and his minions
at Health and safety (PLONKERS THE LOT OF THEM.)