BBC attacked by shrill lefties? What?

The egregious Peter bloody Hain continues to blow huge amounts of the oxygen of publicity toward Nick Griffin and the BBC.

Having repeatedly tried - and failed - to get us all to see that the BNP wasn't really a political party, and that it would be "illegal" for Griffin to go on the telly, he just can't leave it alone, so he's been moaning to the media about how terrible it all was.

"Even the lively audience could not save the BBC from itself and its awful mistake of allowing the BNP on to the Question Time panel"

Lively? The carefully selected audience were fucking foaming with rage as soon as the opening music died down, and were falling over themselves to attack Griffin. Just like you, Peter, just like you. Why would you object to that?

"The BBC’s argument was that it has a duty of impartiality to any lawful political party"

And your point is? Don't you remember the European elections, Pete?  They took a load of your party's votes, and Griffin, much as you may hate him, is an MEP. Really he is. It's called fucking democracy. NuLabour haven't quite stamped that out, in spite of trying very hard for 12 years.

"If the extremist cleric Abu Hamza formed a party and somehow passed this tiny threshold, would the BBC have put his message of hate and violence on television too?"

Perhaps. Who knows? But it's not really up to you, is it? You must be fucking furious that the BBC is not somehow obliged to ask you for permission for all the programmes they make.

"Nobody, least of all me, is suggesting the BNP be “banned” or “censored”"

Aren't you? Well it fucking looks like it from here, mate.

"There can be no justification for the BBC lining him up on the Question Time panel as if being in the BNP was just like being in another respectable party, as the rest of us lawful and democratic politicians are"

What? What the fuck?  Nick Griffin is a dangerous idiot and the BNP are a loathsome party, but - much as you might dislike it, Pete - he was lawfully, democratically elected.

"They need to be confronted and not appeased as the BBC did so tragically"

Eh? Did you actually watch the fucking show, Peter? At what point was Griffin 'appeased'?  And, while we're on this, at what point was he not confronted?  The man's views are odious, but he wasn't exactly allowed to expand upon any answers, such was the storm of booing and cat-calling. And he wasn't - unlike Jack fucking Straw - allowed to trot out any lengthy pre-prepared soundbites.

But the best quote from the idiot Hain? The piece CF has saved for last? This goes a long way to exposing the thinking that goes on in Peter's tiny, confused mind, and doubtless in the tiny minds of many of his shrill friends on the authoritarian left:

"..the free speech I have fought for all my life can never be absolute."

Yeah, you really think that, don't you?



Simon M said...

Spot on CF. Peter Hain is one of the most loathsome pompous never-worked nobody in the Labour ranks - and that says a lot.

My first comment on your site - so may I say thanks for your always entertaining and informative blog. You are saying what we are thinking, but you say it delightfully eloquently.


English Viking said...

Does free speech extend to pointing out that Hain was convicted at the Old Bailey of Criminal conspiracy and he was was also tried for Bank Robbery? He was convicted on the conspiracy charge, he was found not guilty of the Bank Robbery, through lack of evidence. He has steadfastly refused to submit to either fingerprint or DNA tests in subsequent decades, because such tests would prove his innocence or guilt definitively. Make your own mind up.

mungle said...

I know they will continue to appear but I am always quite taken aback when anyone who has been a pert of this government has the neck to appear on tv. But I suppose you need ego and a thick skin to choose politics anyway. Thats the only explanation I can give myself.

Anonymous said...

The one good thing that will result if the BNP gain power is that this bastard will probably be one of the first to be put against the wall.

Captain Haddock said...

Its a great pity that the boys from B.O.S.S. didn't deal with "Petey" when they had the chance ..

Bank Robbers R us said...

Still think the BBC and the Government were in cahoots over getting Griffin on the show. They hoped that setting up a hate figure would distract us from all the scandal and incompetence surounding them.

Von Spreuth. said...

"If the extremist cleric Abu Hamza formed a party and somehow passed this tiny threshold, would the BBC have put his message of hate and violence on television too?"

He hasn't but they already HAVE, if my memory serves me correctly.

And they are always in there providing instant coverage of anything the twat in a Paki cave sais. Bum-Loadin or whatever).

Anonymous said...

Capt Haddock, if BOSS had done their job properly, Hain might well have "slipped in the shower", just like his mate Steve Biko.

Anonymous said...

"...just like being in another respectable party, as the rest of us lawful and democratic politicians are"...


Democratic? Where's our fucking referendum?

Lawful? Even those fiddling their expenses?

What a twat.


Unknown said...

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