Barry bothers big banks

Barack 'one term Barry' Obama is in a mess. America has fallen out of love with him and his hot air.

They showed him what they thought of him earlier this week, by voting in a former nude beefcake instead of the chosen one's chosen one.

His deluded attempts to build a giant version of the NHS in 'merica have been quietly shelved. Guantanamo still welcomes careless terrorists.

And fuck all else - other that scooping up of the Nobel peace prize - has happened during Barry's watch.

An air of disillusionment hangs over the US of A. Mr President finds himself in a corner. And nobody puts Barry in a corner.

Bold new initiatives are needed. A new objective. A different hill to run up. As in Orwell's 1984, there must always be a war.

So Barry's going to pick a fight with those eeevil banks.

It's all so easy - just frown, look serious and make some bold-sounding statements about an industry that the vast majority of the public don't understand at all.

If this was all so, so important, Bazzer, why the fuck didn't you do it before? Because this is just political showboating, pure and simple, that's why.

Our own local showboater, G Brown esq., will doubtless be fucking delighted .

We can expect a gushing press release, stating that Gordon is delighted that his 'friend' is following Gordo's lead, just as soon as a certain tongue can be removed from a certain arse.

And in many ways, Barry is following Broon's lead: he's in a political crisis, his popularity is plummeting and he has failed to deliver anything since taking the reins.

So, as Broon does endlessly, he chooses to go for for a major distraction ploy, something that will achieve nothing other than a handful of headlines.

But that's all either of these idiots seems to want.

And will it make any difference? Of course it fucking won't.

The banks are a lot smarter than either set of politicians, and can afford a lot better advice.

An unnamed banker, quoted in the Telegraph, didn't even take his feet from his desk:

"This has been coming from the start of the financial crisis. We've all thought about it and we've worked out the impact already. If it's necessary, we'll sell off the prop divisions, or any others. We're ready."

Bad luck, Barry: they don't give a shit about you, or your re-election. Time for a re-re-re-think.

How about .. errr ... global warming? That always goes down well.


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Jill said...

Well, not that I know anything about economics other than it's all a giant con predicated on "I promise to pay the bearer", and otherwise reasonable people seem to believe it's a hard science - an idea so ludicrous it sounds like flat earthism to me - but I'd prefer Glass Steagall 2 to a Tobin tax. Who is this Volcker person anyway? I quite like the sound of him. Did Geithner get swine flu or something? One down, Bernanke to go!

Captain Haddock said...

"It started in America" .. and it doesn't look as if its stopped yet either ..

What a pair of Hoons .. they ought to be sent to Haiti as Pres & Vice Pres .. permanently ..

Tom Mein said...

If anybody thinks that this is a great idea, may I suggest that they have a look at the effect falling share prices have on pension funds