Doctor Who do you think you are?

David Tennant is a reasonable actor. During his time on Doctor Who, he managed not to bump into the scenery, and to have long conversations with actors swathed in tin-foil and rubber without bursting out laughing.

He has received much critical acclaim for this, and is now a genuine minor celebrity.

Sadly, this appears to have gone straight to his head, and now, like many other people who have a couple of perspex trophies on their mum's mantelpiece, he thinks he's fucking Bono.

He believes that his views of the world beyond the TV cameras are something we should hear.

So, this star of a fucking kid's TV programme has decided to give us all the benefit of those views. And the mindless, showbiz-obsessed media have of course lapped it up and regurgitated it.

It turns out that Doctor Who thinks we should all vote Labour in the upcoming election. He will be. He always has. And he thinks you should too.

But like every single other Labour supporter, the good Doctor has no fucking idea why we should be voting Labour. Oh no.

In common with every other mindless NuLab sycophant, he has no clue what's good about Labour, but plenty of views on what's wrong with the opposition.

Apparently, David Cameron, the Leader of the Conservative party is

"..a terrifying prospect."


"He's a regional newsreader who will jump on whatever bandwagon flies past."

Oh really? Well, that's a convincing argument, isn't it, David? Is that why we should choose Brown again?

Let's forget about what your fuckwitted, slack-jawed, one-eyed fellow countryman has done to this once great nation, shall we, and focus on the really important stuff, eh?

And, David, what particular Labour policies are you keen on? What's good about NuLab?

"..they need to sort some stuff out. But they're still a better bet than the Tories."

Oh. Right. Incisive stuff. Bring on the election: we know what to do now. The Doctor told us.

Naturally, desperate Labour activists have leapt on this fucking nonsense. Prescott has jumped on it quicker than he'd pounce on his Diary Secretary, even if she were clutching a couple of pies.

Twitter has been alive with references to the story, and Labour probably fondly imagine that this imbeciles ramblings have won them thousands of extra 'yoof' votes.

We get some idea of why this witless mummer is shilling for the woefully inadequate Labour party when we learn that he was brought up in Paisley, Glasgow: part of Red Clydeside, where every seat has had a Labour MP for nearly 100 years. One of those areas where a fucking pig with a red rosette would win by a landslide.

And then, of course, Tennant made his personal fortune in the bosom of the BBC. The Clydeside Socialist mingling with all the Champagne Socialists. What a heady mix.

All completely isolated from the real world, but all very willing to tell that same real world what to think.

But you know what, David, darling? We're not interested in your views of what's wrong with the eeevil Tories. And we're not interested in who you choose to vote for.

We might be prepared to suspend belief on a Saturday night, and pretend that you really are floating in outer space, but we still don't fucking believe that you know what's best for us out here in the real world.

Stick to what you know, luvvie.

++UPDATE++: the great Cranmer thinks along the same lines, but is - as always - much more eloquent. Damn him..


Soho Politico said...

"But you know what, David, darling? We're not interested in your views of what's wrong with the eevil Tories. We're not interested in who you choose to vote for."

...So uninterested, in fact, that you have felt the need to whinge about it on Twitter and now the blog for the best part of two days now.

So he said he liked Labour, and disliked the Tories. Is his reasoning really any worse or more vapid than the scores of Tory supporters who give, as their solitary reason, 'It's time for a change'? That is even a slogan of the Tory party itself FFS.

Your obsession with this minor news item is totally bizarre.

JuliaM said...

'witless mummer' Ouch! ;) Nicely done...

No surprise to see Soho turning up to ignore the reasons behind this little luvvie show of solidarity, of course. All the Labour hangers-on are getting worried that their gravy train is about to hit the buffers. I can't think why, as CallMeDave is cut from exactly the same cloth.

JuliaM said...

And, of course, he assumes that anyone wanting Labour out must be a Tory supporter.

Reasoning FAIL! yet again...

Soho Politico said...

"And, of course, he assumes that anyone wanting Labour out must be a Tory supporter.

Reasoning FAIL! yet again..."

I think it should be fairly obvious that anyone who is desperate to get Labour out must at least have made his/her peace with the idea of a Conservative victory. I don't see why you think it is inappropriate for Tennant to focus on contrasting Labour with their nearest competitor.

If, the day after a general election, and having done everything you can to get 'Labour out', you wake up pissed off that it is the Tories, and not, say, LPUK that is in government, the reasoning fail will be yours alone.

Anonymous said...

Wanting Labour out of Government now makes you a defacto Tory supporter does it?

Better tell Gordo and his mob then.

They can use it in their next over-whelmingly negative campaign to save their arses.

JuliaM said...

"I think it should be fairly obvious that anyone who is desperate to get Labour out must at least have made his/her peace with the idea of a Conservative victory."

Not at all. The next government will almost certainly be Conservative, it's true, but that doesn't mean they will come in for less stick from me when they make the sort of decisions that perpetuate broken Britain.

And they will. Because there's less than a fag-paper between the two.

Beancounter said...

Who the fuck does he think he is? Typically biased BBC employee - if you don't get it from the news section then you get Labour rammed down your throat from the drama department. And this is not just in the Daily Record, but on the BBC as reported to the latest issue of Doctor Who magazine

Not only will many of our children be unable to communicate or carry out a responsible job in the future due to the dumbing down of education, but they will also be unable to think for themselves because the people that they see as role models now believe that they are part of a political machine to indoctrinate us all.

1984 should be enforced reading for ALL schoolchildren before we all disappear in a swamp of mediocrity perpetuated by those who benefited from the freedoms won by our forefathers, and who now feel that they are more equal than the rest of us so want to ensure that we remain downtrodden. (excuse the Orwellian references)

God help this country.

Captain Haddock said...

Who gives a shit what this bloke (whoever he is) thinks ??

FFS .. He's a bloody actor, spending his life bimbling around, dressing up & pretending to be other people ..

I mean, its not as if he were in a "proper" job .. is it ???

His views on anything are of no interest to me whatsoever .. Just another Lefty "luvvie" ..

Oh .. and by the way, I have no time for Cameron & won't be voting Tory either .. but I can't wait to see the back of Labour ..

AndrewSouthLondon said...

Tennant is a Scot, in which case the only political idea in his head is hatred of (English) Tories. It's what passes for "politics" north of the border. Its cultural not intellectual, as in the meme "have always been loyal Labour, always will be" irrespective of anything they say or do, I don't need to bother thinking.

Funny the Scots have their own Parliament but also vote in the other one. The one with Tory MP's in it. Its only fair, voting twice.

Constantly Furious said...

@soho politico

"obsession with this minor news item".

One tweet on Saturday, one blogpost on Sunday is an obsession?

I think it's your diligent work for the Instant Rebuttal Unit, commenting less than 10 minutes after this was posted, that shows signs of obsession.

Captain Haddock said...

I know just what you mean Andrew ..

I used to work with a Scots bloke (like me, Ex Forces) and who couldn't care less .. but his Missus (also a "sweaty") refused to have her sprogs born in England & so went "Home" to give birth ... just to get "Scotland" on their Birth Certificates ..

But she was happy enough to collect her "English" Family Allowance for them ..

Give us total independence from the buggers I say .. and see just how long they last ..

Jill said...

Oh get a fucking GRIP, CF! I recall Tennant in a Labour party political broadcast yonks ago. He's not coming out of the woodwork, he's a celebrity with left of centre political views. Fuck me, why is that something to moan about? Should he shut up? You sound the like the Daily Heil. If you've ever so much as watched a BBC TV show and say you support something left of centre you're a lackey of the lizard establishment and part of an evil conspiracy? You can't just have an opinion? I expect better of you. I don't want to hear you sounding like you're about to buy a shell suit and go to live on the Isle of Wight with David Icke.

Although, I would tend to debate him that support for Labour reflects his left of centre political views since as far as I can see they are somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan. Certainly to the right of Cameron. They're Thatcherites through and through.

I also have a feeling that his forebears were prominent Ulster Unionists. Ha. I think watching lowbrow TV does wonders for the general knowledge y'know. I'm sure I recall that genealogy show narrated by the guy from Our Friends In The North had him feeling distinctly uncomfortable about it. Also think there was an uncle who went on the peace marches and got boshed in by the RUC.

JuliaM said...

"One tweet on Saturday, one blogpost on Sunday is an obsession?"

I think when SP said 'you', he didn't mean you personally, but was referring to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Or, he may just be a complete idiot.

*checks his blog*

Ah. The latter, I think...

Anonymous said...

Soho Politico

Ok fair point so how about "Its time for change because The Labour Government have wrecked the economy and bankrupted the country, " Is that a good enough reason for you ? If not just how bad does it have to get before you would even consider voting them out eh ?

Anonymous said...

Captain Haddock

Can you explain what an "English" Family allowance is as opposed to say the UK child benefit system?

Laurence said...

Gordon? The Doctor? Personally, I never see them because I'm hiding behind the sofa whenever they're on.

"...he thinks he's fucking Bono"

Anonymous said...

I think it is only a matter of time before we, the English, are blamed for the good Doctor's mental aberrations. Just as our politicians have been forced to apologise for the slave trade, eventually they may be forced to apologise for creating feeble minded modern day Scots like Tennant.

It will be claimed that the eighteenth century Highland clearances encouraged the most able and the most entrepreneurial Scots to emigrate leaving only the stupid and the lazy ones behind, forefathers of the brain dead socialists like Tennant we see amongst us today.

In fact, I’m surprised that New Labour have not yet used the above argument to go for the sympathy vote – “Poor Gordon never stood a chance of succeeding in life because of the actions of Cameron’s evil ancestors.”

This could be an election winner.

Barking Spider said...

He hasn't even attempted to explain his reasoning, which is, of course, the typical lefty approach - it was essentially a feeble endorsement along the lines of "Vote Labour - they're great!" Fuck that!

SpiteK said...

"... a fucking kid's TV programme..."

Fuck. Right. Off.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dr Who is cobblers written by Welsh homosexuals.

David Tennant is a risible actor who holds the distinction of seeming like an utter tosser outside of his shitty kids program and half-arsed production of Hamlet.

As for his comments on Labour and the Evil Tories. The level of his political argument seems to be set at the CBBC level most of his fanbase originate from. Thankfully, they're all too young to vote Zanulab in for yet another nation-buggering term.

Captain Haddock said...

Anon @ 12.19

Willingly .. it fits into the same category as FREE National Health prescriptions for those North of the Border (and Wales) ..

Whilst we English have to pay for our own .. plus theirs .. OK ???

Soho Politico said...

@CF: Claiming there was 'one tweet' is revisionist in the extreme. And I do continue to find it weird that you (and now, I see, Cranmer) would get so worked up over a story that might have been headlined 'Well-known Labour Supporter Continues to Support Labour Shocker'. Ah, well...

Anonymous said...

True; it's not a surprise.

But it's truly shocking that he was given any media coverage for comments that don't amount to more than

Vote Labour: They might be shit but look at that David Cameron. He's slimy and he'll take away your benefits.

You expect it from Politicians but from a supposedly intelligent media figure it's unbelievable.

Captain Haddock said...

Course its no surprise .. the bloke's an actor .. a paid Parrot .. sling him a cracker & he'll happily recite any script you shove in front of him ...

Mark said...

usual bunch of idiocy here. All actors are Labour Luvvies, all Scots HATE the English, the BBC are Thought Control Evil HQ, etc.

Where Tennant does himself a dis-service is not explaining EXACTLY why and how the Tories are even worse for this country than Labour.

Constantly Furious said...

@Soho Politico

Here's the tractor stats you people seem to love:

1 tweet, on Saturday afternoon. This attracted 3 responses, to which I replied a couple of times - 8 replies in total, over a period of 32 minutes.

1 blog post, early on Sunday morning.

And yet, according to you, this means that I have

"..felt the need to whinge about it on Twitter and now the blog for the best part of two days now.".

Clearly, you have learned the art of misrepresentation at the hands of masters. Are you activists trained centrally?

Trooper Thompson said...

I think it's fair to criticise his opinions, but not to criticise him for giving them. If he'd come out as a staunch libertarian or was passionately against the EU take-over, it would be a case of 'the Olivier of his generation speaks out for the people', wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

I would like to be filmed on 'Police scariest arrests' shoving a dalek up his arse.

Soho Politico said...


Heh. So I note, accurately, that you have complained about Tennant on Twitter, and then again on here, over the course of two days. Whilst you say that you wrote one tweet on the subject when you really mean 9 or 10. And yet *I* am an expert at misrepresentation? Whatever...

Captain Haddock said...

Why, oh why are folk getting all het up about the inane ramblings of this theatrical non-entity ?

If you want something to get hot under the collar about .. try this for size ...

It makes my blood boil ... The utter Bastards ...

Anonymous said...

Captain Haddock said

"Willingly .. it fits into the same category as FREE National Health prescriptions for those North of the Border (and Wales) .. "

Err no it doesnt, as an English only based Child benefit system doesnt actually exist. Its UK wide as you should know but choose to Ignore.

The point you raise about devolved powers is in fact a consequence of Westminster granting the Scots a Devolved Government. It wasnt just the Scots who argued for this, it required the backing of the Whole Labour Government the vast majority of which were and remain English.

There are aspects of the devolution settlement which are unfair on the English, who's fault is that.

UK LABOUR thats who.
Stop seeing this as a purely Scottish problem and maybe we can get somewhere.

Persit in seeing it as this and you could end up with ED Balls as PM, you would love that wouldnt you , after all he's English.

Anonymous said...

Forget David Tennant I eagerly await the final authority on all matters Political . I want to know what the mighty John Barrowman of Captian Jack and How do you solve a problem like Maria thinks.
I await with baited breath.

Swiss Bob said...

Celebs, bollocks to the lot of the cretinous self-agandising dimwits.

And bollocks to Labour and the Red Tories of whom the only good thing that can be said is that they aren't Labour.

PS Happy New Year.

Jess The Dog said...

I suggest, if he doesn't like the prospect of a Cameron government, then he can jump in the Tardis and piss off back to 1997. Or just shut up!

Doctor Hoon said...

The desperation is really funny. It shows Prescott can start flapping his mouth as fast as you like under certain conditions. Shame it's not uniform eh John.... *cough* China.

caesars wife said...

If TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space

does that mean that TENNANT is Talking Endlessly Near Narcolepsy And Needs Treatment