Well done, England Cricketers

Well done the England cricketers. For doing what comes naturally to all natural-born English men.

Just standing there, for hours and hours, in the boiling hot sun, doing virtually nothing, in the face of a lot of excitable foreigners.

That's what won the British an empire, and that's what prevented the Saffers winning this match, in spite of scoring thousands of runs.

Sheer, stubborn, bloody-mindedness. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done.




twenty4ten said...

I just knew bringing back Trevor Bailey was the right thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant result A draw !!!! If that was what made England Great then we would currently be power sharing with The Nazis !!!!

Tcheuchter said...

All thanks to Collingwood yet again.

JohnRS said...

Who cares if it's pretty? They all count!!

My S.A. son-in-law is greviously pissed!!