3 little pigs - the verdict

So, the great, grand, historic Presidential Debate. The first chance for the three party leaders to outline their policies, share their vision. Who won? Who lost?

Nick Clegg clearly won the debate yesterday, because he managed to repeatedly call the Labour and Conservative leaders "you two", making it clear that the Lib Dems were offering a fresh, new approach to politics. Nice one, Nick!

Gordon Brown easily won the debate yesterday evening, because he managed to say "I agree with Nick" over and over again - even when he didn't really - which proved that Labour and the Lib Dems could build a powerful and effective alliance. Well done, Gordon!

David Cameron definitely won last night's debate, because, as he reminded us, Labour have been in power for thirteen years now. Spot on, Dave!

Nick Clegg lost yesterday's debate because he admitted, in front of millions, that there was "good immigration and bad immigation". Ooops, Nick.

David Cameron lost last night's debate, because he let slip that he gets all his advice on immigration from somene he described as 'A Black Man'. Dear oh dear, Dave.

Gordon Brown lost the debate yesterday, because he smiled oddly, and he couldn't resist making his traditional joke about posters. Bad luck, Gordo'!

Overall? Clegg easily beat the clear winner Cameron but was edged into third place by a resurgent Gordon Brown.

And CF? CF lost.

Two fucking hours of his life.



Antisthenes said...

While the country is in economic meltdown, the only employer left is the state, the police and security services are being renamed the Stasti and corruption and incompetence pervades all sections of society who do we turn to sort this mess out? Certainly none of the above.

Jill said...

Yep. Yawnsome. While I was trying to w-w-w-work, Son Number Two continually shouted 'owned' in approval of the Clegg. Ok, he's only twelve, but I still find it worrying.

thespecialone said...

I didnt lose any amount of time of my life. I was at work and missed it! I am very glad to say.

Captain Haddock said...

I didn't bother watching it either .. As I haven't watched anything to do with this so-called Election ..

I've already decided my course of action on Election Day .. and it doesn't involve any of these three Twats ..

selsey.steve said...

Election Day ... Finish work, trog off home, rip the scab off a bottle of Talisker, pour a dram and sit in the conservatory siping nectar whilst watching the light fade from the sky.
Ahhhh! Perfect.
Vote? What's that?

Ken said...

your best ever post - congratulations and commiserations...

Dioclese said...

I've been away for two days and spent last night watching Shakespeare in Stratford, so I missed it -


I recorded it and am watching it as I write this. I guess this makes me a sad twat!

Anonymous said...

For Fucks sake this is like the girlfriend who has been dumped and says "Im not botherd" . Bloody hell guys if you think we believe you, !!