Is it possible...

.. for anyone in the Labour party to talk about their own achievements, or to push their own policies, or to describe their own ideas?

Let's hear what John Prescott has to say about day 2 - yes, sadly it's only day 2 - of the General Election campaign, on the Labour battlebus:

"..took the shortest route down the bumpiest A road I've ever been on - let me tell you, you really feel it in the back of a Transit.

OK, fair enough. Bit bumpy then. So, John, what did you do then? Who did you meet? What did you say to them? How's the campaign going? Do tell us more.

I'm sure Hague had no such problems as he flew over Scotland today looking down on Scots below.

Neither does Clegg on his two 42 seat coaches used by the Sultan of Brunei . Suede leather seats, I ask you!"

So can Labour stay away from the negative, don't-look-at-us-look-at-them approach?

No, probably not.



Chris said...

Once a chippy, grudgeful and envious class warrior; always a...

Captain Haddock said...

"So can Labour stay away from the negative, don't-look-at-us-look-at-them approach" ?

Of course they can't, they have nothing else to offer .. they've achieved nothing to which they can attach positive spin

Cameron is, as yet untried and is untainted by the past ..

Whereas, Labour's appalling record over the last 13 years is laid bare for everyone to see ..

Man with Many Chins said...

I got news. Perhaps if that pie swilling cock and his chums had spent our money on the roads instead of pissing it away on various selections of bollocks, the fucking road would be smooth for my motorbike

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many toilets he's got on his bus!