Becky doesn't like 'em well hung

Look everyone, this is Becky. What a nice looking lady. And she looks like she might have no clothes on, too.

Those of you who are interested in that sort of thing need to buy a copy of today's Sun, and turn to page 3, where Becky is showing us .. well .. everything.

For those who are more interested in sustaining an enormous election, Becky has something too.

Yes: Becky, although she hasn't remembered to put on any clothes, has remembered the lessons that political history teaches us.

Becky has thought - long and hard - about our elections, and she's worried that this election might not give her all that she wants.

To quote from the speech bubble that is hovering a lot nearer Becky's anatomy than most of us will ever get:

"Becky is concerned by the prospect of electoral reform in a hung parliament"

Are you, sweetheart? Oh dear. Well, cop hold of this, and tell us why, would you?

"In legislatures with proportional representation, minority or coalition government is often the norm."

Really? Well, do tell us more, darlin'.

"I'd hate to live in a country like Italy that has had 61 governments in 65 years - even if I do love Italian food."

Lessons in politics from a topless model?

For fuck's sake...

(tip of the hat to manic at bloggerheads for this one)


manwiddicombe said...

Don't be fooled CF.

While it might appear that page 3 girls are just vacuous fun-bag carriers one needs to remember just who it is that makes money out them appearing topless. Do you get any richer from it?

Smart cookies these young ladies. Worthy of closer investigation .. .. ..

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the 'news in briefs' section CF?

They do it everyday and its always some ridiculous statement about particle physics or the Russian economy.

Just a bit of pg 3 fun.


doctor baloney said...

To be fair, you have a picture of a topless beefcake at the top of your blog, and you expect us to listen to your rants!

JuliaM said...

Something for the ladies..?

Joe Public said...

Unlike PPCs she appears to have nothing to hide.

microdave said...

You don't want to pay too much attention to claims that a P3 model is ****** from xxxxxx. One regular is actually Polish, but was supposed to be from a Northern UK city.

Sad bastards like me who follow these matters more closely, note that it's nothing unusual for them to have several aliases...

Martin S said...

She's topless, but Gordon Brown is brainless.

Easy Money said...

In a similar vein to what manwiddicombe said,

Topless modewls (sic) probably "earn" more in a day than I do in a week (month even?).

I'm sure they're VERY concerned about their assets...