Bevanite Ellie's changed her tune

We all watched with rising nausea earlier today as champagne socialist and deluded Labour rentagob Ellie Gellard - @bevaniteellie as Twitterland knows her - stood proudly in front of a manically flickering image of the Labour manifesto and eulogised Gordon Brown and the Labour party.

All of this kissing of Brown arse, from one so young, was utterly revolting. And completely at odds to what the equally Labour-loving author of this little piece, written back in 2008 just after the loss of Glasgow East, thought.

The author of that piece was very disappointed, very disillusioned:

"I was going to write a blog on here entitled, 'Things can Only Get Better'... I was right not to do so, on friday they got worse, much worse"

And, felt that one Gordon Brown was the man to blame:

"Brown needs to speak up, change the face of Labour .. do this or go. We all know this, and he probably does too so why can he not speak.."

"..How dare he stand by with personal interest watching our party sink it is not his to lose, it is ours.."

"..Here's my ideal scenario for the coming months. Brown accepts that too much damage has been done.."

..and, and? In conclusion?

"In short, Brown .. get your coat, time's up"

Pretty damning stuff, eh? No love for Gordo' there.

But who was was the author of this piece? Who was it thought - like most of us - that Gordo' should give up and fuck off?  Why, it was....

Well, well. What an astonishing coincidence.

(tip of the hat to BenjaminGlass, via Twitter) 


Anonymous said...

Ah, Champagne Socialists, never allow the truth to get in the way of some power and/or cash.

Cate Munro said...

roflmfao . . that's really cheered me up! Funniest thing I've seen in ages ;-)

Jill said...

God in HEAVEN. You have so turned into a snidey snidey, you know. That girl gets right up my nose, but the way grown men (and women) wring her every word out to dry at every possible opportunity is just so childish. She's on Guido, she's on you, she's bloody everywhere. Get a grip. It's one (annoying, admittedly) girl. It doesn't need the colossus of the entire right-wing blogosphere to crush her. Hat-fucking-tips to endless dredgings of a silly cow's two-year-old ramblings? Isn't one dredging enough? What are you lot? Tiananmen Square tanks? FFS.

Besides, haven't YOU ever changed your mind on anything? Spoken rashly when disappointed in something?

God, it must be bad when I'm sticking up for New Labour acolyte.

JuliaM said...

" It doesn't need the colossus of the entire right-wing blogosphere to crush her."

Ahh, I bet you're one of those girlies-in-peril who would bop the masked serial killer on the head then throw down your weapon and take to your heels, aren't you?

NO! When you have the advantage, make sure they don't get up. Ever.

This bunch have it coming to them, in spades...

Bucko said...

You would though, wouldn't you.....

Constantly Furious said...

I'm with Julia - it's not enough for anyone-but-Labour to win : Labour and every last one of it's snivelling 'you'll-die-of-cancer-if-you-don't-vote-for-us' activists must lose, be crushed, and never be seen again.


Jill said...

Ha! Nope. You're still behaving like a bunch of schoolyard twats. Honestly. It's one (stupid) girl. Outpourings against an administration I can get. Julia, if you get this administration on the ground, you're welcome to keep smashing until Blairism is but a dim and distant memory. Let's not confuse things though. This anti some random dopey mare crusade is um... so small, so petty, so irrelevant, and so, well, internet wankerish and trollish.

You should really stop with the Ellie shite - it's making you look foolish.

JuliaM said...

"You should really stop with the Ellie shite - it's making you look foolish."

Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

RantinRab said...

Indeed Julia.

I'm always wary of commenters with a 'proper' name and a private profile.

Loads of 'em about these days...

Catosays said...

When your enemy is down and done...keep putting the boot in.

Constantly Furious said...

@ Rab

Nah, Jill's alright. A bit of a pinko every now 'n' then, but a regular here and always welcome.

Jill said...

No, honestly Julia: I'm serious. I do not say this because I think the girl has anything worthwhile to say (I don't) but this blogger obsession with her is just weird and slightly distasteful.

Cheers, CF. I will reiterate. I'm not private; I just don't have a blog. The only reason I have an account is so that I can post the odd comment on my fave blogs. Largely this one, even though I often take a contrary view. My real name is Jill. I live. I breathe. I vote. I comment. I just don't blog.

Constantly Furious said...

"this blogger obsession with her is just weird "

Middle aged men, attacking a fresh-faced 21 year old girl? Hmmmm...

Any psychologist could easily tell you why ;-)

Cold Steel Rain said...

Allow me to put a military angle on this... Jill. Fuck off and then boil your face in some piss.

Anonymous said...

Surely the main point which makes her so appealing on twitter is she is more photogenic than many in the cabinet?

Uncle Marvo said...

What CSR said.

OK, she changed her mind. At the time she had her head screwed on the right way, Gordon is a berk and she said so.

But she craves a piece of the action. Once you do that, you give up your privacy and your laundry gets a public washing. Fact. If you don't want the heat, the kicthen isn't the place to be. And Gordo et al won't be there to hold her hand.

She is being portrayed as a Bevanite (by herself), and old Nye would be revolving in his grave. OK, she had meningitis or something, and would have died were it not for the NHS, of Daddy's ability to pay. Or Mummy. Perhaps. Maybe. Even probably. So would I, more than once. That doesn't mean you should rush off and vote for a twelve BILLION pound IT system that won't work.

The Conservatives are not going to scrap the NHS, FFS. They might even make it more efficient; it couldn't get any worse. I know. Some of my daughters, sisters etc., work in it. As workers - you know, people who deliver health care, not name-on-the-door scumsuckers.

More on Nye here if you're interested - it's potted and factual. Nothing about Ellie though, I don't do snidey.

Alan said...

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Dark Lochnagar said...

Jill, you've got to understand and you probably don't coming from I presume a Socaialist family that Politics is sometimes not about what you are going to get from your side, finacially. Sometimes the good of the country is the motivation behind voting in a new Government, particlularly after 13 years of a tired and failed administration. Brown's lot have changed this country for the worse and have also bankrupted us. Do you know the size of our debt? Fuck me, it's enormous. All Labour governments have failed financially throughout history leaving someone else to clear up the shite.

Mrs Rigby said...

"You should really stop with the Ellie shite - it's making you look foolish."

Oops, should've read the comments before I did the same sort of thing.

The young lady has changed her mind several times.

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