Oh, the rapier-like wit..

Last night, as Brown stumbled and mumbled through his carefully crafted soundbites, one that he did remember, through the haze of strong medication, was the claim that CallMeDave Cameron favours "a big society at home, but Little Britain abroad".

Proof that this little nugget was pre-cooked came within seconds, when this oh-so-hilarious poster was released from the Labour bunker:


Oh, our poor, aching sides.  However, not to be out-done, the other group of Oscar Wildes over in CCHQ wittily riposted with their own effort:

Tory poster

Oh! With this wit, this satire, you're spoiling us. Such a banquet of levity! Please, stop with the jokes.

No, really.

(tip of the hat to the Staggers, who unsurprisingly interpret the exchange entirely differently)


Ray said...

I'm sick of these damn posters - I wrote a couple of weeks back about the tit-for-tit between other Labour (Building a foundation. Wearing it.) and Tory (The future's bright. The forehead's orange.) posters. What's the fucking point? Not only are they using a years-old slogan, and now a years-old (and shit) sketch show, they're not even funny.

They're not here to be funny anyway, they're here to do their fucking jobs. Are these posters going to influence ANYONE to vote for them? I bloody hope not.

Keep up the good work, CF.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

It's even less funny than Little Britain itself, something I didn't believe was actually possible.

Dioclese said...

I am not standing for national office, nor do I wish to be Prime Minister so I therefore reserve the right to be a sarcastic, frivolous, and indulge in purile juvenile schoolboy humour (in the hope admittedly of being mildly entertaining)....


These are the so-called professional people that we asking to run our country! I EXPECT BETTER!! - MUCH BETTER!!

Constantly furious? Bloudy right!

David said...

You have to hand it to Labour, they've achieved a world first. Something that nobody ever thought possible.

They've managed to make David fucking Walliams appear funny.

Applaud them for their achievement, CF, don't denigrate it!

Anonymous said...

Didnt Little Britain have a sketch were a character constantly pissed themselves ? Press conference anyone.