The Devil's binned the details

So, last night's mystery regarding the disappearance of the Devil's Kitchen blog has been solved. The blog - one of the best - went away for a couple of hours, but has reappeared.
But what a folorn reappearance: plain black 'n' white, no graphics. And worse - much worse - all previous posts have been deleted. Eleventy-ten posts, made over find-out-later years, have all been removed.

And all because one of them was quoted, admittedly to very damaging effect, by that twat Andrew 'Brillo' Neill in his completely pointless televised attack on the Devil and the LPUK yesterday.

Many of the posts, as they say on telly, contain strong language and violent imagery right from the start. And researchers, looking for an angle, picked out one phrase from the tens of thousands and fed it to Brillo. Thereby enabling him to use the whole of the allotted time to browbeat the Leader of LPUK not about LPUK policies and ambitions, but something an indivdual had written whilst in the guise of his online persona.

So now, DK has announced that 'The Devil is Dead'.  He'll carry on blogging, but will no longer use strong language, and has 'archived' every single post he ever made. Which is, to put it mildly, a fucking travesty.

Why remove 'em, DK? What's done is done. Brilllo's researchers trawled through them to find a damaging quote, and suceeded. They can use that again, you know. And if they decide not to, we all know the Interwebs never really forgets: it'll all be out there somewhere.

And, if these fuckers want to 'get' you, to beat you up with whatever they find in your dustbin, they will. What happens if, after two weeks of swear-free and reasonable blogging, you decide to post a link to, say, Obnoxio the Clown, or Mr Eugenides?

Then we're into 'Leader of LPUK declares self amused by violent imagery' , 'Chris Mounsey recommends blog post calling Harriet Harman the c-word' and so on and so on and so endlessly on.

You can't win a battle by hiding all the enemies weapons, DK, they'll just find more. You can't undo what you did. Put it all back. Stand by it. Don't let any cunt stop you swearing.

Fuck 'em.

++ UPDATE ++  Old Holborn thinks the same way. (Although that's a tiny bit ironic coming from a blogger who changed his end-of-post signature from 'ejaculated by..' to 'carefully crafted by..' when he decided to run for MP, innit?)



Uncle Marvo said...

Don't you go changin' ...

... any of you.

Nor will I.

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Why remove 'em, DK?"

Because it makes them less easy to find.

"And if they decide not to, we all know the Interwebs never really forgets: it'll all be out there somewhere."

Brillo is not really my concern—from now on, i know which way LPUK members would want me to go, i.e. the "fuck you" route.

Any damage to my company is.


Jill said...

I watched the interview - and thought it was a bit of a damp squib. I was expecting something awful! Brillo was a wanker, as he usually is, and DK didn't do so bad at being caught on the hop. All um... move along, move along, nothing to see here. Bit boring!

The obvious answer to Brillo's main line of attack seems to me that many political blogs started off in a similar vein to stroppy political stand up comedy. Mark Thomas. Brass Eye. Whatever. So the aim was witty-shocking-self-expression-find-an-audience, hence the shitfuckpisswanking. Is Neill saying such fringe culture comment can't mature into a political movement? Why can't it?

Shame about the job thing for DK though. I expect I would have made the same choice.

Mr Rob said...

"You can't win a battle by hiding all the enemies weapons, DK, they'll just find more."

Not bad. You can, however, reduce the profile of your own main assets as targets.

Although PR-wise the last few days has not been great for the LPUK, you should be grateful it has happened now and not further on down the road. Reality has impinged, and it's time to adjust. Legiron posted a very accurate article IMHO.

So organise who does what - there's a world of difference between your leader approving of other Libertarians expressing their views erm colourfully (however rude they may be, freedom of speech etc) and him doing it himself - not on any high-falutin' grounds of principle, but IN PRACTICE, because that is where you are playing now.

On the other hand, the LPUK could refuse to have anything to do with compromise of any sort, and exist quite happily as a philosophical movement - but not as a political party in the sense of seeking election. I reckon, anyway :)