Yet another porky pie

Yet another example of slippery Labour lies, and how hard it is for the Tories - or indeed the new, improved Lib-Dems - to lay a glove on the bastards.

Iain Dale was listening to Hattie Harperson, being interviewed by Stephen Nolan on '5 Live'.

Amongst the torrent of lies, distortions and untruths, he spotted that..

"..she guaranteed that over the lifetime of a Parliament no public sector worker would get a pay cut"

As Ma Dale points out:

"She has no power to do that, it wasn't in the Labour Party manifesto .. Alistair Darling will be absolutely fizzing with fury."

Well, Iain, she might have 'no power' to make policy, but she has all the power she wants to tell lies. In all likelihood, this is just yet another little fib. It's not in the manifesto because its not fucking true.

However, what can the other parties do?

If they talk about it, draw attention to it, point out that it's probably a porky, there'll be an instant cry of "Oh, so they won't guarantee it? They will cut public sector pay! Look, everybody, the eevil Tories / eevil Lib Dems are promising to cut public sector pay. Ewwwwww!"

If they don't mention it, then yet another Labour lie sinks into the minds of their core voters.

And that's how they work.



Anonymous said...


I'm not a Conservative voter by any stretch of the imagination, but see trying to reason with long term Labour voters is nigh on impossible.

selsey.steve said...

Harperson needs to be put out of her misery, much the same way as a fallen cow does.

Anonymous said...

It has become clear that when Harman comes under pressure she lies her head off. Numerous examples of this viz the Fred the Shred Question at PMQ's. She is really stupid and if she becomes the next leader of the Labour Party then its game set and match.

Anonymous said...

Labours real message.
If you are a parasite we bring you hope.
If you are an illegal immigrant we bring you hope.
If you are a public sector parasite we bring you hope.
If you are a fat couch play station playing slob we bring you hope.
If you have eight children by different fathers we bring you hope.
If you are a criminal we bring you hope.

Just as long as you vote for us.
To everyone else they bring despair.

Mrs Rigby said...

It's a bit rich for Ms Harman-Dromey to go on about what is or isn't in another party's manifesto - especially as Labour managed to get a court to make a ruling that the public shouldn't expect any government to keep manifesto "promises".

(And we had to pay the court fees!)

And Cleggie said I was nuts said...

I listened to that interview. Harman was saying that if something wasn't mentioned in a manifesto then it means it would be scrapped. WTF ?
If the Tory manifesto didn't say that there would be an old age pension then would the pension be scrapped ? If they didn't promise not to slaughter any child born out of wedlock would the child have to be slaughtered ?
She's barking mad.

Anonymous said...

They are well known liars. But at least she can't be accused of nepotism can she because as she points out she wasn't actually present at the meeting that appointed her husband Jack Dromey as PPC. She must have been furious when that happened especially with her being so keen on women only shortlists. What a pity she happened to miss that particular meeting then she could have thwarted his candidacy. Couldn't she?