Brown and Cameron's get-out clause

Our friends from North of the Border are not happy. In fact, the Scottish Nationalists are 'furious': they've not been allowed to appear in the the finals of EleX-factor, the great debate.

So very furious are the party that they're going to do what every normal British person does these days when they can't get exactly what they want, exactly when they want it: they're going to sue someone.

After raising £50,000 to fund their court battle, the party will this morning lodge papers at the Court of Session in Edinburgh. SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon will go to the court to hand over the papers, which doubtless open with the phrase so beloved of the self-diagnosed-disadvantaged: 'It's no' fair!'

Apparently, the party is seeking a 'judicial review' of the BBC decision to exclude it from Thursday night's grand final, where particpants will be singing a medley of Michael Jackson hits. 'Aye, judge, we want oor turn'.

The SNP would like Alex Salmond to be included in the debate, presumably so that he can inform the United Kingdom what he and his six fellow MP's will do when they somehow .. err ... hold the majority of seats in the UK parliament after the General Election.

They don't think it's right or balanced for the debate to proceed with just the three party leaders already booked to appear.

The poor, deluded sods have only got one chance.

If Gordon Brown and his advisors admitted to themselves that, every time his grey and gurning face appears on television, Labour haemorrhage thousands more votes; and if David Cameron and his advisors admit that, every time he appears on television, the camera shows him for the shiny public relations weasel he really is, things might change.

If the lightbulbs came on over their heads, two out of the three parties involved in the debate would realise that yet another one of these festivals of arse was ill-advised in the extreme.

They'd realise that the only real beneficiary of these debates has ever been Nick Smugg; and who cares what he thinks?

If that were the case, then there would be a lot of not-very-subtle pressure on the BBC (behind the scenes, naturally) to have the final debate cancelled.

But that wouldn't happen, would it?



Uncle Marvo said...

"If Gordon Brown and his advisors admitted to themselves that, every time his grey and gurning face appears on television, Labour haemorrhage thousands more votes"

Jesus, CF, don't tell them that. It's not too late to put someone brilliant in charge, like Millipede, Mandy, Balls ...

Er ... as you were.

subrosa said...

At least we're doing something about the BBC bias CF and not, like you, just ranting about it.

True, I doubt we'll win the court case but what you seem to have missed, in your desperation to ridicule Scotland and its governing party, is that the SNP are also doing this out of principle and in the name of democracy.

Mock as much as you wish. Until I see an English/unionist party raise £50,000 in 30 hours for legal fees, then I'll just laugh at you.

The SNP know they won't get on Thursday's X Factor and don't really want to, but that's the approach they have to take in their legal process.

At least we have a party here who stands for Scotland and only Scotland. What have you got down there? Ha ha.

Uncle Marvo said...


"What have you got down there?"

I'm guessing again, but is it a party that stands for Scotland and only Scotland?

Constantly Furious said...


I respect your point of view, but I have to say, handing 50 grand to a bunch of lawyers, just to make a point of principle, does seem pretty mock-worthy to me.

And hasn't there already been a televised debate with MSP's, featuring all the 'main' parties in the Scottish parliament?

The SNP were - rightly of course - represented in that. They are, as you say, Scotland's governing party.

But if you focus on the UK parliament - which these debates do - then the SNP, with its 7 representatives, cannot really claim to be a mainstream party.

If they were represented, should the BBC also provide a podium for the 5 Sinn Fein MP's? What about the 8 Democratic Unionists? The 3 Plaid Cymru?

And my point in this post was not really about the SNP's actions: I was pointing out that they only way they'll succeed is if what they desire happens to co-incide with Brown and Cameron's selfish and partisan needs.

subrosa said...

Up here our biggest party is a Scottish one Marvo. Now don't you get me started, CF's done enough damage already!

CF, therein lies one of the big differences between the Scots and English. The Scots think principle and morals do matter and are prepared to do something about ensuring they do. The English? Well...

You don't have much of a handle on the BBC's remit CF. The SNP is classed as a 'main' political party in the UK by Ofcom, yet they're refused recognition as such.

Have you seen the debates from Scotland? Didn't think so. 'They' say nobody else is interested.

It might just waken up the English if they did see them - that's why you're not permitted.

Also you may see real audiences rather than those who have to provide a CV for a ticket.

It's a different political scene here and a much healthier one. But of course you don't know it.

Are you saying those who contributed to the court fees are daft? I don't think so. I think this is a superb move by the SNP to get them the airspace they've been denied. Goodness me, they've been all over the MSM since last night. Money well spent. :)

Anonymous said...

"Scotland and its governing party"
Exactly. Scotland's governing party. These debates are for potentional British governing parties, the main 3 being Lib Dems, Labour and Conservatives. While the SNP can claim to be a major party in Scotland - and therefore could argue for Scottish debates - they are not a major party in Britain as a whole. Why should the rest of Britain have to listen to what a SCOTTISH party is going to do in SCOTLAND, in what are supposed to be a series of national debates?

subrosa said...

I'll tell you something anonymous, if you did yourselves a favour and took note of how the Scottish parliament and its MSPs conduct themselves then your Westminster bunch wouldn't have been allowed to get away with their frauds.

Also it would show you how a minority government works because you've never seen one have you? You vote red or blue down there.

Why should I have to listen to 95% English laws from Westminster from your British parliament.

Anyway that's a dumb statement. It's not a British parliament, it's the British branch of the EU.

Anonymous said...

"your Westminster bunch"

They're Scotland's Westminster bunch too.

Michael Martin was a good, upstanding, Scottish MP. He was so good he was made Speaker of the House of Commons. Then he resigned and got made a Lord.

"Scotland and its governing party"
At Holyrood, but not at Westminster.

"The Scots think principle and morals do matter and are prepared to do something about ensuring they do."
Which is why Scotland has its own Parliament, with devolved powers. A decision reached by a working party of Scottish MPs and blessed by a Scottish Prime Minister in Westminster.

"The English? Well..."

And how many laws affecting England only have been voted through because of backroom deals with Scottish MPs who knew their own electorate were safe?

£50,000 is less than the final debt owed by two English students after studying for a Bachelors' Degree. It doesn't look quite so much now, does it?

There have already been two debates, why did Salmond wait until the debate about the economy?

Barnett Formula?

Anonymous said...

"It's not a British parliament, it's the British branch of the EU."

And if Scotland goes independent, Holyrood will become the Scottish branch of the EU.

Anonymous said...

I've checked the list of candidates in Bournemouth and strangely enough there isn't an SNP candidate I could even vote for if I wanted to.

Until the day comes when the SNP decide to put themselves in front of the whole country and not just thier countrymen, Alex Salmond and his party of useless Scottish wankers can just fuck off as far as I'm concerned.

Joe Public said...

SR - please have some sympathy for us English.

We have a British Parliament to rule us & you.

You have the British & Scots parliaments (and the Welsh & NI similarly).

Yet we have no option for self-determination. If the Scots are so proud, why do they bother to stand for the British Parliament? You want your cake, & to eat it too.