Seen in passing..

This comment, over on Mike Smithson's excellent 'Political Betting':

For the hard-of-seeing, the post says:

"I just wonder how many of these switchers really understand what the Yellow Peril are about.

Come on, British public - wake up - this is a party run by a 70 yr old Marxist, a poisoned dwarf, a shrill, witless oaf, a bespectacled fruitcake who is obsessed with asteroid detection, and an ex EU bureaucrat who would not be out of place as a sixth form prefect."

Now that's getting it said ..



Jill said...

You have to laugh at all the sustained stuff though - public swagger, private shitty pants if you ask me. Never mind four days: they only have to sustain it for sixteen, and they achieve a hung parliament, electoral reform, and another election within a year. Everyone's on about St Vince for Chancellor and Clegg for Home Sec and the like, but surely that's the actual aim of their game. No wonder iDave is looking a bit green round the gills. What would happen to the Tories after that?

I'm as big an Unfan of Clegg as I am Brown and iDave, but I confess to enormous schadenfreude at the thought of any threat to the sense of entitlement felt by the elite in either of the two main parties.

Rod said...

In the end a LibDem presence in government may just be what this country's libertarian tendency needs. Not because of mainly socialist agenda but because you have to assume that electoral reform would follow and the broad-based coalitions of interests that are our main political parties would eventually fracture. Then we may just find that someone puts together the kind of small government, low tax, anti-authoritarian party that we all wish we could vote for. And they may just get some representation too.