Prezza punches press: poor PM's privacy

As usual, when Gordon Brown makes a mistake, it's everyone else's fault, not his. As usual, when the Labour party makes a huge, widely-reported gaffe, the spinners and the smearers come out swinging, counter-attacking everybody and everything.

And this time, the whispering wormtongues are joined in battle by an great big Orc. Yes, swinging his meaty metaphorical fists, John Prescott has attacked the media that dared to report his master's idiot gaffe. There's no regret expressed, because none of it was Gordon's fault - it was all the media. Booo.

Writing in - or more likely, dictating to - the Guardian today, Prezza explains, through mouthfuls of pie, that BigotGate was 'all a Murdoch plot'. Really? Oh yes. According to John:

"Yet again, the dying Murdoch empire is doing all it can to influence a British election"

And we've all missed that, deluded fools and closet bigots that we are:

"While the media are concentrating on what he said and the apology, the real story is how and why it happened"

Is it? Is it fucking really? We all thought that the real story was that Brown's famed ill-temper and typical hypocrisy were exposed to millions, as he slagged off a lifetime Labour voter who'd had the temerity to ask him some questions he'd rather not answer. That what 'he said' and 'the apology' were the real, entire story.

But Johnny P. says we're all wrong. What really happened was that:

"..the Murdoch family reached a new low in their desperate attempt to turn the election for the Tories."

Really? So now it's not even a business, it's a family that's attacking poor wee Gordy. What dastardly deeds did they desperately do, John?

Did they drop a heavily made-up actress from a helicopter into Gordon's path? Was it Sam Cam in disguise, lurking in a hedge to discredit the hopeless fucker still further? Or did Sky, perhaps, offer an old woman a thousand pounds to go up to Gordon and shout 'Send 'em home' in a quavering voice? No, none of that. What the eevil empire did was:

"..broadcast a private conversation between Gordon and his staff ..  just as bad as his paper's phone-hacking. It was a breach of privacy. It was underhand. And it was done in the pursuit of ratings .."

Hang on a fucking minute, John. They didn't exactly have to hide in the fucking boot of the car to get this 'private conversation', did they? The great clunking fuckwit forgot to turn off his microphone, for fuck's sake. And all his retinue of media advisors, fluffers and whisperers didn't notice.

So then, when Gordo' let his gurning, grinning 'vote for me' mask slip, and said what he really thought, let his utter contempt for the public show clearly through, his views went straight into the earpieces of dozens Sky reporters.

And the only little bit of right in that hatful of wrong you just handed us, Prezza, is that Sky did this 'in pursuit of ratings'. Well, duh. A news organisation breaks a story, in the hope that it will increase its ratings? Again, duh.

As always, your views are a compendium of bollocks, Prezza. We all know that you, Gordon Brown, the Labour party and your union pay masters all have the same view of the rest of us: useful idiots, a source of cash and votes to be milked when the need arises, but otherwise to be totally ignored. Gordon doesn't want to speak to the public: he just wants them to vote for him, and then fuck off back to their miserable little lives, while he steers the great ship of state.

He couldn't give a flying fuck about what some old dear thinks about immigration, or anything else. He was furious not that someone had different views to his entrenched views, but that she had been able to say so on prime-time TV, where other voters could hear her.

Have another sausage roll, and shut the fuck up.

+UPDATE+: Great minds think alike: JuliaM, that ol' Ambush Predator, feels the same way about Prezza


Old Holborn said...

Interestingly, under Labour, there is no such thing as a private conversation

all emails, txts and phone calls are recorded by the government and CCTV cameras that can lip read are being introduced.

Unknown said...

@OH Exactly. CF I'm glad you brought that up about fat bastard Prescott. Listening to BBC online and they are talking about it now. McGuire said in the papers that it could have been worse, the old lady could have been a Nun...or the Queen...WTF???

These cunts just don't get it, do they?

JuliaM said...

Snap! :D

Paul said...

Surely if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear about such "surveillance" ?

David said...

It's a real pleasure to see Gordon- a man who leads the party that's infringed more civil liberties than any other- get shafted in this way. The silly bastard should have turned his microphone off.

But Sky really are sinking to new lows. They should have turned that mic off. But what bothers me even more is them showing his leaders' debate notes (photographed from directly above his head in the lighting gantry) but not iDave or Clegg's notes.

But then Murdoch's always been a lying twat, I can't believe NuLab even speak to them.

Hunk of Junk said...

"The prime minister is travelling by train from Manchester to a factory in the West Midlands. A journalist from The Sun talking loudly on the phone to his
newsdesk has just described the press pack travelling with the PM as 'feeling chipper but as you can imagine, Labour is less so'. An aide to the prime minister jumped up from her seat to proclaim: 'We're feeling chipper, too!'.
We're travelling in the Quiet Zone..."

Anonymous said...

Plenty of former employees have been sacked because of views expressed in private conversations under this wicked regime

Jill said...

Oh John Prescott truly needs shooting, doesn't he? Twat.

But you know what I'm going to say now...

"We all know that you, Gordon Brown, the Labour party and your union pay masters all have the same view of the rest of us: useful idiots, a source of cash and votes to be milked when the need arises, but otherwise to be totally ignored. Gordon doesn't want to speak to the public: he just wants them to vote for him, and then fuck off back to their miserable little lives, while he steers the great ship of state."

It's a Labour attitude only, is it? iDave and his pals get back in their cars and say "What a wonderful woman I just met. Salt of the earth. I live only to make her life better", do they? iDave (and Clegg and and and and and) are only in it for the greater good and aren't at all bothered about the great ship of state. Right?

If I come back later, will further streams of commenters assume I'm going to vote Labour?! Guffaw.

Constantly Furious said...

"It's a Labour attitude only, is it?"

Nope. It's a Gordon fucking Broon attitude only. Johnson, Balls, Milliband and Mandelson - never mind CallMeDave and Smugg - would not:

a) fly into a rage because a member of the public, a supporter of theirs, spoke to them, and dared to raise a forbidden issue;

..and .

b) immediately start whining, blaming and bollocking, with the public 10 feet away and a live mic' still attached;

Those are not party traits, they're mad McBroon traits.

Dick Puddlecote said...

It's Labour all over, and exactly the MO which they have exported to quangoes and lobbyists funded by them.

The problem for Labour is that, in 1997, it was all new and shiny. But nowadays we understand their methods and can see through everything they do.

They're toast.

RantinRab said...

Remember the carry on last week with the chap in the Prescott mask?

Apparently, the fat pie munching whale was so confused he punched himself in the face.

Dan said...

A bit off topic, but amusing I hope - I reported Pauline Prescott for theft of public property a few months back - was told by the Met that as I 'wasn't the victim', I couldn't report the crime (even though we all paid for the goods she pilfered). Have a look at What's worse is the Met threatened me with wasting police time if I insisted it was investigated - laughable. One rule for them, another for the rest of us....

Anonymous said...

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