++ Exclusive ++ Lib Dem manifesto video preview

Now the big boys are done, the Lib Dems are due to release their manifesto this morning. in an attempt to make the manifesto more 'accessible' to the great voting public, they will simultaneously release a video explaining and illustrating their policies.

This video has already been leaked to selected politic bloggers, and CF is able to show you this exclusive preview.

That's right. The cornerstone of the Lib Dem manifesto is that, when they come to power, everyone will be given lots and lots of puppies.

When asked to explain how the distribution of several million adorable puppies would be paid for, a Lib Dem spokesman became quite irritable: "we don't have to think about that kind of thing - we're the Lib Dems, for goodness sake. And just look at their little waggy tails!  Ahhhhh."

When questioned on other issues facing the UK in 2010, such as the interminable war in Afgahnistan, the spokesman pointed out that "..soldiers like puppies too - and their ickle tongues will be quite tickly".

And what about the Economic Recovery? The spokesman was relaxed, pointing out that no further work was needed that area, since nothing would ever go wrong again: "..after all, if there were going to be problems, Vince Cable would already know, and he hasn't said anything. Just to be sure, we'll ask him again after his nap."



Captain Haddock said...

Ha ha .. Love it CF ..

Many a true word spoken in jest ..

JuliaM said...

You know what lots and lots of puppies will eventually produce?

That's right - a LibDem manifesto!

Careful you don't step in it... ;)

Anonymous said...

Very funny CF, but the way this election is proceding is such a turn off I can't even bring myself to laugh at them any more.

The last couple of days every time Browns grinning gurning face has appeared on TV I've immediately changed channels, and with our grovelling toady media that has been many times. Today I'm sat here with a music channel on the TV. If Brown appears on this the TV will go flying out of the window.